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Exploring Komodo Island


If you are planning on exploring the beauty and magnificence that the wildlife of Komodo Island has to offer, then you have to figure out a convenient way to get around the island. This is thanks to the vastness of the area, and so before you get to enjoy the pink beaches, go see the Komodo dragons, dive with various types of marine life or simply find gorgeous spots where you can relax and enjoy the sunsets that the region has to offer, you have to figure out how to get there.

When you get to the area, you will have three main options as far as tours are concerned. The option that you go for will determine what you explore, how long you will have to explore, and how much the whole experience will end up costing you. Here is what you should know about the three main types of tour options that you will have to choose from.

A daily tour

As the name suggests, this is a tour that is scheduled to occur within a day. It typically lasts about 8 hours with a starting time of about 9.00 in the morning. This tour is ideal if you have other activities to do in the area, especially if you are on land. It is also perfect for those who are visiting the area for the first time as it allows them to have a taste of what it has to offer without being overwhelming. The other reason why you may want to opt for this tour is the fact that it is relatively budget-friendly especially if you are not looking to spend several days exploring the Komodo islands.

A downside of taking this option is the limitation on the hours that you have to explore this awesome place. 8 hours is rarely enough, plus you have to also account for the time it takes to travel to the attraction site and then back to land. There is also the fact that compared to the other tours, you tend to arrive later than others to your favorite sites. This is problematic especially if you are looking to go diving during the peak periods. However, it is possible to make up for the delays in having to travel by using a speed boat. This will cost you more money, but at least it will let you have more time taking in the sunsets, beautiful sceneries, and wildlife in the area.

A group sharing liveaboard trip

For those who are up to an adventure and are looking for a way to completely immerse themselves in exploring the area, a group sharing Liveaboard trip makes the most sense. These trips tend to take a couple of days and sometimes take even weeks. Since you have places to live, and most amenities, there is usually no need to go back to shore and so you get the opportunity to arrive at attraction sites early enough before anyone. For people who intend to spend several days or weeks to explore the place, this is also the most economical way to explore the region.

However, these multi-day liveaboard tours tend to be a little bit inconveniencing. For starters, the tour usually starts once a certain threshold of people have signed up for it. This can lead to canceled tours or delays, especially in the off-peak season. You also get to live with other people and this can be challenging especially for people who really value their privacy. And since the itinerary has to be decided on before the tour starts, there is usually almost no flexibility with regards to the itinerary. This can become an inconvenience especially if you happen to fall in love with a place or an activity.

Private liveaboard tours

This tour offers all the convenience that group liveaboards do without the downsides. With this trip, you have full control of your itinerary, you can choose whom to bring along the tour, and there are no delays. You will also get a crew dedicated to meeting your every need, and as such, it offers the best way to explore the island. The only downside to this type of tour is the fact that it is expensive.


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