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Are you one among the millions of travellers who never keeps track of their airline miles? Do you think frequent flier programs are more of a hassle than what they are worth? It’s time to bust some of the myths surrounding airline loyalty programs, helping you make the most of your travels.

Are you an ordinary traveller with dreams of jet setting to exotic locations? But, sad that your bank balance doesn’t allow you to go on vacations? What if we told that you have the magic to make all your travel dreams come true?

Paris, London, Sydney, New York, you can go wherever your heart desires. Yes, it’s all possible with the right frequent flier programs. Airline loyalty programs or frequent flier programs transform ordinary travellers into jet setting travel superheroes. For more visit Audi Q8 Personal Contract Hire.

Sadly, frequent flier programs are one of the most misunderstood travel topics. Even savvy travellers believe the myths that surround airline loyalty programs and frequent flier miles.

It’s time to bust those myths and set things right. Let’s unravel the truth behind popular misconceptions regarding frequent flier programs, helping you travel more while spending less. For more visit Audi Q8 Used Cars.

Myth #1: Frequent Flier Programs are only for those who fly often

Wrong! This myth is the number one reason why nearly 99% of people don’t take advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by frequent flier programs. Flying is just one of the many ways to acquire airline miles.

There are plenty of other ways – airline co-branded credit card, credit card sign up bonuses, everyday spending, online shopping, staying at partner hotels, dining at partner restaurants, renting cars, and more. You can build your frequent flier stash even if you are an occasional traveller.

Myth #2: I can pay for my airline tickets. Why should I bother with acquiring airline miles?

You may be able to pay for economy airline tickets comfortably out of your pocket. But, would you be able to afford those extras that make flying a pleasant experience? Lie-flat business class seats, fully reclining beds in first class, gourmet meals on-air, relaxing lounges, priority boarding and baggage retrieval, chauffeur service at your destination – there are plenty of ways you can use your frequent flier miles to splurge on extras that make air travel, an enriching experience.

Myth #3: Finding Award Tickets is Difficult

While most people never give airline loyalty programs a try, there is another set of people who enthusiastically sign up for a program, only to give it up immediately. The common reason they give is – it’s too difficult to find award tickets.

That’s because they aren’t checking at the right places. Most people look at airline websites for award availability and give up if they don’t find any seats. There are plenty of other online tools like Expert Flyer, Award Nexus, KVS Tool, Award Hacker – that lets you check award availability across dates and airlines, with just a few clicks.

Myth #4: Frequent Flier Miles mean I have to stay loyal to One Airline

Again wrong. The beauty of airline frequent flier miles is that you can convert your miles earned in one program to other partner programs. For instance, let’s say, you earn Intermile using your airline co-branded card.You can redeem your JPMiles to fly across destinations and on your preferred airline too!

Irrespective of the airline miles you have acquired, your frequent flier miles open a whole new world of travelling.

Myth #5: Frequent Flier Miles require membership fees to join

This is one of the most absurd myths. Almost all airline frequent flier miles are free to join. All you have to do is sign up in the program online. Provide a few key details like – your email address, mobile number, and voila – you’re signed up for the program. You don’t even have to take a flight with the airline to be part of the program.

So, what are you waiting for?

Frequent flier miles are a wonderful tool that helps you travel the world for free. Start studying the different types of programs out there, and pick the right one that works for you.


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