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name change on a flight ticket

If you want to know about the cost of making Delta airline ticket name change then you must have an idea about the Delta Airlines name correction policy. Well, for those who don’t already aware of this amazing facility given by the reputed AA airline to their flyers to make certain minor or major changes to their name on the flight ticket. So, with that said, you must know about the expense of making name corrections under the Delta Airlines name change policy.

Fee for Delta Airline Name Change on Ticket

Just like any other service charge, the cost of making name changes to your flight ticket under Delta Airlines name change policy also varies from one airline to another. How much does your airline charge for ticket name change? Well, you need to call the customer service department of the Delta airline to know about the exact charges. However, AA might accept minor changes like typos or spelling errors for free of cost but will charge a fee for other kinds of changes like changing, adding or removing your surname after marriage, divorce, or adoption. The customer service representative is the right person to tell you about the sure-shot name change fee amount.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy & Ticket Transfer to Other Traveler

Many flyers have a misconception that Delta airlines name change policy allows them to transfer their ticket to someone else. No, it does not permit ticket transfer to another passenger. However, this policy is of great concern to those passengers who have got their name on the ticket incorrect unintentionally. For example: Dave has booked his flight with Delta Airlines and now he wants to add his surname to the ticket and make it “Dave Smith”. Delta Airline offer name change provision to its customers. So, he can make use of Delta Airlines name correction policy here instead of canceling and rebooking the flight. All he needs to submit his legal documents like government-issued ID card to the airline for confirmation. Here, Dave cannot transfer his ticket to his friend Joe with this name change policy. He wants a ticket in the name of Joe, he has to book a new ticket for him. And, accordingly he’ll incur the booking charges.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have now got the information about the fee for Delta airline name change on ticket. Additionally, the ticket transfer information might help you to clear any confusion.


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