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Jobs that allow you to travel the world – A list for the travel-freaks


It can be rather too tedious to be stuck behind a cubicle from 9-5, especially when deep down inside, you’re dreaming of all those adventure sports. The regular employees usually get a relief from their official responsibilities for only 2 weeks every year but what if you could travel the world as a part of your job?

Instead of having to sit in your cubicle for the whole day, lf you would be paid for traveling, wouldn’t that be a great idea? But which are the jobs that require travel and pay well? We have made a list of those. Check them out.

1. Flight attendant

The most famous and sought-after job that lets you travel while earning money is that of a flight attendant. Initially the flight attendants start from their country as they’re assigned shorter flights at the beginning. But as you gain experience, you can be assigned longer flights that take you to places like Canada, Japan and South-East Asia. You’ll get the opportunity to commute on stunning aircrafts while you keep earning a decent income every month.

2. Travel Agent

For several years, this industry faced a steep decline as more and more people began to book their trips online on their own. With the help of online booking, they had the discretion of checking the destinations, hotels and amenities on their own. Nevertheless, in the last few years, this industry had made a grand comeback. In order to become a travel agent, you require having first-hand experience in the traveling world. Hence, in order to get paid to travel abroad, you can become a travel agent.

3. Worker in a cruise ship

Jobs in the cruise ships have always been considered as the best possible jobs where you can travel. If you’re a passionate travel freak, try your luck in becoming a cruise ship worker. For people who love to travel, cruise ship jobs can be a dream job for them. While you may have to work for long hours, you’ll still be given enough time to explore the destinations you reach.

4. Au pair

Do you gel well with children and have knowledge on a second language? If answered yes, you may also become an au pair. They usually reside along with the host family abroad and offer child care services like babysitting and schoolwork assistance. Though the salary here is not so great but you get an opportunity to experience a new culture with the extended family.

6. Consultants

Companies often hire consultants from different fields in order to mend matters. Due to the fact that the consultants are knowledgeable in specific fields, the client base of a consultant is usually spread over different countries. When you have to maintain a good business relationship with your clients, you have to do on-site visits. Hence, you get a chance to travel frequently for work purposes.

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