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Students traveling while studying in Beijing have an incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Bicycle tours through beautiful Hutong lanes allow students to discover one-of-a-kind Hutong experiences while teaching local families how to prepare delicious Chinese cuisine dishes and visiting incredible historic sites are just some of the experiences available to them.

Traveling in China can be an amazing opportunity for students, allowing them to discover its culture while meeting new people. But before setting out on this adventure, some key considerations should be kept in mind before embarking on this trip. And remember that transportation is simple through options like Cathay Pacific’s route from Penang to Beijing.

1. It is a melting pot of art

China, one of the oldest continuous cultures, boasts great vitality that is evident throughout Beijing. Studying abroad gives students an intimate view into this ancient culture that has had such an influence over modern-day society; students will explore its pulsating core and further their Mandarin skills at this historic locale.

After finishing language classes, students can explore Beijing’s bustling hutong alleyways or famous temples and historic sites such as The Forbidden City, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square or learn traditional Chinese dishes to cook themselves, take martial arts lessons or visit one of many museums in Beijing.

China is best explored between May and September when temperatures are moderate. This makes the perfect time for sightseeing, hiking and other outdoor activities; if planning on staying longer than a few days in Beijing be sure to bring along an extra jacket and hat as winter temperatures can drop drastically!

Beijing boasts an exploding art scene, and students will have the chance to meet aspiring student artists from CAFA (China Academy of Fine Arts) as well as international gallery directors in 798 and local studio artists who live and work in Songzhuang. Furthermore, students will participate in an art workshop that teaches how to paint Chinese characters.

Students’ reflections reveal that one of the most rewarding experiences from their trip to China were interactions with the local people. Students made lifelong friendships with homestay families and formed strong ties within their local communities through various excursions they participated in during their trip. Additionally, they gained more insight into China’s rich culture and history thanks to these trips.

As students explore Chinese culture and language through homestays, they’ll gain a more in-depth knowledge of this varied nation beyond what can be gleaned from textbooks alone. Through homestays they will also gain an insight into life of different groups that make up this vast country, helping bridge East-West divides. They will return home having gained more fluency with Mandarin as well as deeper insight into its culture.

2. It is a great place to travel

Beijing can be an incredible experience for students. Boasting centuries of history and culture, as well as plenty of restaurants, cafes, shopping areas, the 798 Art District (where galleries and shops abound), as well as public transit options that take students directly to the Great Wall; you won’t run out of things to do!

Food in Beijing is also excellent, offering various varieties of Chinese cuisine from all different restaurants. Some of the best places to eat include old neighborhoods known as Hutongs for authentic dishes. Students can get discounts off restaurant prices simply by showing their student card; plus there are food tours you can go on that are a great way to explore and sample some unique food finds in this great city!

One thing to keep in mind when traveling in Beijing is its capacity for being extremely crowded during major holidays such as Chinese New Year or National Day on Oct 1. If possible, try to avoid traveling during these periods if at all possible.

While in Beijing, make sure to visit the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Also consider making a stop at Summer Palace or remote sections of Great Wall for added sightseeing opportunities. Hiking trails also abound throughout its mountains surrounding Beijing where some of China’s most stunning scenery awaits discovery.

Beijingers are extremely friendly and welcoming; however, be wary that some may stare at you outside touristy areas. While this should not cause alarm, it can sometimes become bothersome; most times however it’s done in good spirit and does not mean any offense.

3. It is a great place to eat

Students traveling are eager to experience local cuisine. For the truly adventurous traveler, Beijing food tours provide an incredible opportunity to learn about unique Chinese dishes not commonly seen on American tourist restaurant menus. Beijing boasts an eclectic collection of ethnic groups and cuisines which reflect its rich history while providing numerous dining opportunities.

Springtime in Beijing is the ideal season for travelers as the temperatures are neither too hot nor humid; additionally, spring brings blooming flowers in city parks and on the grounds of Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Summer’s oppressive heat and air pollution makes sightseeing impossible; however autumn and winter offer beautiful blue skies with mild temperatures; visitors should visit then instead!

Beijing boasts more than just traditional Chinese cuisine; tourists can also experience various foods from other parts of China here, including Shanghai-style soup dumplings, Yunnan pineapple rice, Taiwanese bubble tea and traditional Beijing dishes such as shredded chicken cold noodles with vegetables and sauce (liang mian).

One of the great aspects of living in Beijing is having many opportunities for fun and relaxation. One great place to begin exploring Beijing nightlife is at 798 Art District, featuring numerous galleries and shops to discover. Houhai features many small bars with unique characters at more reasonable prices than those found elsewhere; students may also appreciate Wudaokou nightlife near various universities with its large student population.

Beijing boasts an exploding craft beer scene. Lost Plate offers tours highlighting Beijing’s world-class breweries. There are also plenty of drink spots throughout Beijing – many catering specifically to expats – while those homesick for America will find plenty of places offering American food and drinks.


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