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Top 4 Oldest Countries In The World That Are a Must-Visit For History Lovers


We often wish we could travel back in time. Have you also wished for the same? Though it is not possible in real life, one can actually visit the past, or more specifically, the historic period by traveling to a number of countries across the world. Surprising. Isn’t it?

History explores a huge list of oldest countries across the world that have witnessed different cultures and civilizations growing on Earth. So, planning a trip to these destinations will certainly be a fun and educational experience of a lifetime. In case, you are a history lover, you should not miss even a single chance to travel to these beautiful countries. Get a comprehensive travel insurance cover today and enjoy a safe traveling experience to these destinations with your family.

1. San Marino

Being one of the world’s oldest republics, San Marino is a perfect destination to explore historic architecture. It was founded in 301 A.D. but got recognized as an independent country in 1631 A.D. Though the country does not attract millions of international tourists (in comparison to other European countries), it certainly has a lot to offer to the history and nature lovers. This place has a vibrant history and the most unusual political system in the world.

Plan your trip between mid-September and November and then between April and June to get the best experience.

2. Japan

Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan founded this beautiful country in 660 B.C. The culture of Japan has been greatly impacted by Buddhism and is clearly visible in the majority of hot spots you may visit in Japan. For the history buffs, this country is a real treat with a number of historic sites, viz. Ise Shrine, Sekigahara, Yasukuni Shrine, and Goryōkaku.

You can plan your trip according to your schedule. However, the best time to visit Japan is between March and May.

3. Armenia

If you wish to explore a rich blend of cultures, Armenia is the ideal destination. Founded in 782 BCE, this country lets you explore the past millennium with Tatev monastery, Mount Ararat, Lake Sevan, Republic Square, Akhtala Monastery, The Churches of Echmiatsin, and Garni Temple.

Here you can have the best time of your life from September to October and May to June.

4. Egypt

Want to encounter a mummy in real? Plan a trip to Egypt and get ready to explore the Ancient Egyptian civilization with sphinxes, pyramids and a number of religious monuments. This country completely deserves to be on your travel bucket list as its golden sand, surreal waters, wide beaches, natural therapies, and remarkable architecture are seriously irresistible. Do visit The Great Pyramids of Giza that explains the story of this 30-centuries-old country.

October to April is the best time to visit this country. So, plan accordingly.

In addition to these, France, Portugal, Vietnam, Ethiopia, China, North Korea, Greece, and Iran are also among the oldest countries around the world. So, you definitely have a range of options to choose from. As all of these are international locations, make sure you buy a travel insurance policy to stay protected against any uncertain mishaps or financial losses.


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