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4 Things to Check while Booking your Flight Tickets


Booking flight tickets can be an overwhelming affair for some people. Mentioned in this post are 4 things you should check for so that you don’t make any mistakes and you get the best deal. Keep reading.

Flight booking is a simple affair. Go to a flight booking site, search for options and select the one that suits you. However, it is important to check a few things before you go ahead and book. Let’s see what these are;

1. Check the Fare: The first thing when you search for a flight is to check for the fare. Most websites allow you to sort the results by price, showing you the least expensive to the most expensive flight option. Use this if you are price sensitive. Else, you can also use other sorting options such as departure time, the duration of the flight, etc. Once you have shortlisted the flight you are interested in, make sure you check the total fare. This would include;

Base Fare: This is the base price charged by the airline. Do note that airlines’ discounts are usually on the base fare, and you may still have to pay for other ticket components.

Taxes: This majorly includes GST charged if you’re buying a flight ticket in India. Currently, GST on economy class is 5% and 12% in business class.

CUTE Charge: If you’re buying a flight ticket in India, you may also have to pay a CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) charge, which covers the expenses made by the airport authority on metal detectors, scanning machines and other such equipment.

Fuel Surcharge: Airlines may charge this to cover the rising fuel prices, which directly impact the cost of flights.

Other Charges: Few other charges include User Development Fee or Passenger Service Fee.

2. Check the Miles You Can Earn: Miles help you reduce the flying cost to a huge extent. You can then use these miles to avail many benefits such as cabin upgrade, hotel stays or even a free flight once you have accumulated enough miles. If you haven’t yet joined a mile program, enrol in one that is free to join and offers you flight options from across airlines.

3. Cancellation Rules: Another important thing to check are the cancellation rules. In some cases, when you cannot travel or may have to change your itinerary, this can have a significant impact on how much money comes back to you. A few things you should check here are

Cancellation Fee

Date Change Fee

No Show Fee

4. Flight Details: Before you even proceed with booking your shortlisted flight, it is important to check the flight details and be sure everything is in order. Check for;

Number of Stops: If your flight has stops on the way, check if you’ll have to change airline or terminals or both. If it is changing, you might have to collect your luggage and hand it over again at the check-in counter. Or you may have to travel between two terminals on your own.

Duration of Flight: Check for the duration of the journey. While it is usually the same, multiple stops flight can take much longer.

Terminals: Check for both departure and arrival terminal. Many airports have multiple terminals, and knowing yours will ensure you don’t reach the wrong one.

Departure and Arrival Time: It is important to check the departure and arrival flight timings. Also, if it is an international flight, make sure you evaluate the time difference or ensure the time displayed is the local time of that particular country. For instance, if you are looking at Dubai to Mumbai flight timings, check for Dubai departure in UAE time and arrival in Mumbai in India time.

Make sure you don’t overlook these minute details to ensure your trip is smooth and comfortable next time. Happy flying!


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