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Best Places in Agra


Same day agra tour by car is probably the most in-demand service for Delhi tourism. The reasons for this demand are fair, as Agra presents a lot of enchanting places to explore. Mughal dynasty wore agra as its crown during their rule, and you can find their history in almost every nook and corner. The best way to experience Agra is by car, as the yamuna expressway allows easy travel of 281 kilometers from delhi.

Places to visiting in Agra:

  1. Tajmahal– tajmahal is one of the seven wonders globally, and most of the tourists who plan the same-day agra tour visit here first. The emperor shah jahan built this white marble masterpiece for his wife, mumtazmahal. The unique craftsmanship that is in a showcase on this grand structure’s walls is nothing but awe-inspiring. The lush green gardens outside this beauty enhance the experience of anyone who visits here. The greenness provides a fantastic backdrop for people who like taking pictures with their families.
  1. Agra fort– agra fort was once home to the mughal royalties, and it still showcases many tales from the mughal empire era. The whole structure stretches across ninety-four acres and has four large gates which allow entrance to this majestic structure. The monument might not stand in the seven wonders, but unesco still regards it as a world heritage site since 1983. Mughal dynasty was in charge of this fort until 1638, after which the capital shifted from agra to delhi. Agra fort is also commonly referred to as red fort by academic books.
  1. Fatehpursikri– mughal emperor akbar gave rise to the city of victory, fatehpursikri, in 1571. The town itself was the capital of the mughal empire from 1571 to 1585. Akbar left this city due to a campaign in punjab and did not return for several years. The inhabitants did notice this change and soon ultimately left fatehpursikri by 1610. The city has nine gates that allow you to enter the grand arrangement of shops, temples, inns, and every amenity you could find in ancient cities.
  1. Jahangir mahal– the same day agra tour by car would probably be incomplete without visiting the jahangirmahal. This establishment dates back to the 17th century when the initial ruler of the area, virsinghdeo, built this castle as a warm reception towards the mughal emperor, jahangir. This castle’s artistic effort is purely outstanding, considering it got constructed such a long time ago.
  1. The food-if you are out on the roads of agra, you should not miss out on the exotic north indian cuisine you can find. The exotic delicacies include spicy and lip-smacking mughal kebabs, parathas, and chat. You can also find some rare but unique desserts and sweets. You can go straight to the sadar bazar to see some fantastic food stalls and restaurants.
  1. Mehtabbagh-if you visit the tajmahal, it is always better to head out for the mehtabbagh to see some mind-blowing panoramic views. The garden itself is a part of the taj and keeps bleeding tourists from one side to another. This garden’s history is not a part of many guides or books, but mughal emperor bagh built it in the 1500s. The total width of this garden also matches perfectly with the width of the tajmahal.
  1. Anguribagh– anguribagh is known for its ability to produce rich grapes. The name reflects the taste of grapes you can find here. This beauty is a sprawling garden in front of the khasmahal, a recreational area for the mughal empire’s royal women. The red sandstone artwork, which looks like hexagonal grids, is also a very soothing texture for your eye. The khasmahal is a very relaxing place, and you can visit here to get a great break from the trip.

In conclusion

The world around us can seem harsh sometimes, but it does have its consolations. The roads of agra can provide solace to adventurers around the globe. A same day agra tour is usually the best way to experience the beauty it offers. The mughal empire might have vanished with time, but their history and art still live on through the walls of tajmahal and red fort. Agra district also has its fair share of beautiful gardens, which can offer you some quiet moments.


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