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Base Camp Trek


The Everest Base Camp trek is a once in a lifetime journey for many trek enthusiasts. Many adventurers dream of going on a trek like that and it is not surprising. The EBC trek rewards trekkers with breathtaking views of some of  the tallest mountain peaks in the world and the main attraction obviously being Mount Everest.

The first initial part of this trek is obviously the planning and preparation. The first thing to consider is the budget. 

In this article, we will take a look at the budgeting part of your Everest Base Camp Trek dream and help you check out one part of the long list of planning:

Expenses Before the Trip

Even before reaching the mystical land of Nepal. There are expenses you have to take care of in order to fulfill your Everest Base Camp Trek dream of your lifetime. Some of these expenses include

Visa and Permits

Documents are a crucial part of your trip. Necessary documents allow you to have safe and secure travel without many restrictions. 

Most  travelers require a tourist visa in order to stay in Nepal. There are exceptions for visas for a few places like India. The tourist visa costs around $30 for a full 15 days of stay. 

Along with that, you need to get a Sagarmatha National Park entry permit which will cost you $30 in order to get inside the infamous national park.

The Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality fee needs to be purchased in order to enter the Everest region. This fee costs $20.


More than percent of international trekkers fly to Kathmandu to kickstart this journey. Different airlines have different costs according to their services. Maybe booking in advance could help you get hands on better deals . On average these flights cost somewhere between $500 to $1000 for a round trip ticket.

Guides and Porters

Well both guides and porters are an exception but it is to be mentioned that both of these can bring a significant ease in your journey. 

A local guide costs approximately $20 to $30 for a day. A porter on the other hand costs somewhere between $15 to $25 per day. 

Hiring a guide can improve navigation and cultural immersion part of the trip meanwhile the potters carry your heavy load and save you a lot of energy and from pain.

Accommodation and Meals

There are various ways to accommodate in your Everest Base Camp trek but the most common way trekkers suit themselves is through tea houses. Tea houses are small lodges which can cost you somewhere between a low as $5 to as high as $25 per night. Each kind of cost has its own set of services included. 

You must be prepared to pay around $20 to $30 daily for meals that include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fees of Permits

If you want to go beyond just the base camp trek and want to indulge in some higher elevation. You need to pay extra money for that. If you want to ascend Kala Patthar, which is a famous viewpoint, you will have to pay an additional $20.

Gears and Equipments

High quality gear is one of the most important parts of the trek that can either make or break the entire journey. It is really important to invest in some good quality gears like hiking boots, poles, insulating clothes, etc.

Rent or buy?

According to your preferences, you can either buy or rent gears. If you buy these gears it is a one time investment and you can use these gears in another adventure of yours but if you decide to rent, you might have to pay on per day basis and ultimately return the gear. 

Both of these options depend on your preference. Either way you will have to spend on average $100 to $200 some well to do quality gears.

Save for Emergency

Trek in the mountains can get unpredictable and danger might hit at any given moment. So keep a spare amount of money in case of emergency. Carry around $200 to $300 for unforeseen emergencies.


On top of the above mentioned flight budgets, you will need to spend money on traveling from Kathmandu to places which will lead you to the EBC trek.

The most common is Lukla, this will cost you around $150 to $180.


Traveling insurance with a good amount of coverage will cost you around $100 to $200 depending on where you take services from.

Trekking Agencies

Many trekkers choose to complete their EBC trek with the help of trekking agencies. Usually these agencies handle multiple aspects of treks like permits, transport, meals and lodging, guides, etc. Exciting Nepal Treks and Expedition is a local trekking agency which is located in thamel and very reliable.

These agencies cost somewhere between $1,300 to $10,000 depending on how much of the services they cover. Some may cover insurance as well, some do not even cover meals. It is up to the trekkers to decide the packages they opt for.

By carefully planning your budget, you can let your trek go completely smoothly. So, make decisions wisely!


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