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Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world, containing around 879,800, which in total amounts to around 62% of all lakes across the globe. For nature enthusiasts, this is remarkably exciting, and simply another reason why Canada’s vast and diverse environments are well-revered.

Beyond their natural beauty, many of these lakes are the ideal waterscape for activities too. From wild swimming to kayaking, individuals and groups across Canada will often have their local area mapped out, marked with favourite locations and lakes for regular adventuring. The same is true for those who love stand-up paddleboarding, one of the world’s newest and, now, most popular watersports.

For those who might not yet have their own preferred lakes, or those who would like to learn what can make for the perfect waterscape to paddleboard on, we have seven stunning SUP locations to get you started.

Two Jack Lake

Banff is perhaps the most popular location for SUP among Canada’s watersport communities. Of the many lakes contained within the national park, it is Two Jack that tops our list. This lake is visually stunning for both its serene waters and epic view of Mount Rundle.

Lake Of Two Mountains

Located in close proximity to the centre of Montreal, the Lake of Two Mountains, so named for the two highest peaks of Mont Oka, is a brilliantly accessible, expansive, and beautiful lake. Step onto the water from Félix Leclerc and paddle as far as you like without any disruption.

Bras d’Or

Found in Nova Scotia and a little off the beaten path too, Cape Breton is home to Bras d’Or Lake. Technically an estuary, this hidden body of water is ideal for those looking for a more rugged challenge. Be sure to bring your boards for adventuring along and enjoy crossing over from the serene inland waters to the vast open sea.

Mazinaw Lake

While Lake Ontario is one of the most populated lakes in the province, especially during the summer, many experienced paddleboarders will, instead, head to Mazinaw Lake found on the upper Mississippi River. The cliffs seen here tower over the water unlike few other places in the world, making for an unforgettable experience on the water.

Beaver Lake

Hidden away in remote British Columbia, Beaver Lake is a waterscape that captures the quintessential beauty of Canada. Those who venture out onto the pristine waters are rewarded with vistas of dense forests, cabins, and verdant horizons.

Langford Lake

Another of British Columbia’s most notable lakes is Langford Lake, which is a popular destination for swimmers and boarders alike during the summer. In addition to accommodating waters, the magnificent forests that border the shores help to keep winds low, making it the perfect spot for relaxation.

Chiputneticook Lakes

While not technically a single lake but many, Chiputneticook Lakes are too beautiful to miss. These lakes border Maine and New Brunswick, extending across great distances (the largest lake is around two miles in diameter), hosting a number of exciting routes for those who want to make an adventure out of the weekend.


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