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Cherish Moments of Togetherness at these Romantic Restaurants in Jaipur


A pleasant evening, choicest settings, sensuous music, perfect food and the sight of your sweetheart walking towards you are some of the things that can melt the most stern of hearts and rattle the butterflies piled up in your stomach. The very thought of your crush can make you feel euphoric; such is the power of love. To let your partner know that you are together for eternity and how beautiful your life is in their presence, you need to have three things in place- ambiance, moment and occasion.

With a stellar history that inspires love, Jaipur is a place where romance is guaranteed to brew. Whether one chances upon a sudden opportunity to be with someone or wishes to plan a surprise date to remember, Jaipur restaurants serve platters that feed the sentiments and exotic bars trigger passion.  Confused where to make the big move (revealing your love or proposing someone for lifetime commitment)? Here is a list of restaurants in Jaipur to let your love bloom and spend some quality time with your loved one-

Skyfall by Replay Jaipur

Offering stunning vistas of the royal city, Skyfall by Replay restaurant is one of the city’s favorite rooftop lounges. It is unbelievably exotic and incredibly gorgeous. What makes it ideal for a romantic dinner date is live music around and uptown decor. There’s also a dance floor to groove with your partner.  In terms of food, you have an option to delight your partner with whatever he/she loves- be it Continental, Juicy Lebanese, North Indian, Chinese, Mexican or Italian delicacies. Unwind under the starry sky and let your partner feel special at this meticulously designed rooftop café or take her to a weeding place in Jaipur and plan your wedding right away when she has said yes.

Forresta Kitchen and Bar

Forresta Kitchen and Bar is one of the most happening forest themed restaurants in Jaipur. Tree caves, artificial greenery, water sprinklers that the restaurant is decked with make for a picture-perfect dinner date. Its sumptuous food and extensive liquor menu will make you keep coming back to the place. There’s also a small oasis and in-house jazz music that enhances the charm of the evening, especially when you are on a date.  You can also book one of the best 5-star hotels in Jaipur to spend moments of privacy after a romantic dinner at the Forresta Kitchen and Bar.

Baluchi- The LaLiT

It is said that the way to a person’s heart goes through his stomach. If you too believe in the statement, take your partner to a place where they can eat their heart out. Baluchi is a signature Pan-Indian a destination that redefines standards when it comes to authentic Indian dishes, rich flavors, rare herbs, and exotic spices. The enticing aromas will touch the strings of their heart while the food will take the bonding to the next level.  The exclusive dishes are prepared expert chefs, who serve nothing but perfection on the platter.

While we have covered your perfect and long-awaited evening, it is up to you to express your feelings in the most poetic of ways and sweep your crush off his feet. With the moment, occasion and ambiance all in place, simply own the day.

“And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, ’cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.” Classic right?


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