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Experience All The Wonders The World Has To Offer


From the exotic African safari to the pristine white landscapes of the Arctic, taking in all the wonders the world has to offer is the most rewarding experience any person can hope to have. Adding to the adventure that waits for you, African Wildlife Safari, in partnership with Natural Focus, offers its clients bespoke travel services. Travellers will encounter a unique itinerary tailored to ensure you experience the best each destination has to offer. So, if you are ready to acquaint yourself with a fantastic adventure, get started with

Itineraries That Will Leave You Breathless

When travelling, having the right itinerary will make or break the overall experience. Luckily, African Wildlife Safari works closely with local destinations to create one of a kind tours. These tours allow you to encounter the very best sights, cultures, wildlife, and accommodation. By no means will your days be boring and uneventful. On the contrary, you will find yourself engrossed in everything our destinations have to offer.

Curating itineraries for the most sought after destinations around the world is our pride and joy. Being in the business for 36 years, we have perfected the craft of exploration and experience, melding them together to create a one of a kind adventure our travellers will not soon forget.

Family Experience or Romantic Getaways

Seeing the world with loved ones is by far the most rewarding experience for anyone. Whether you are looking for an out of ordinary family experience or a romantic getaway, there is that perfect destination to expand your horizons. Look through the options for wildlife, cultural immersion, and romantic sanctuaries and find yourself breathless with everything our tours have to offer.

The Treasure Of Memory Awaits

Each destination you visit not only gives you a new perspective on how vast and diverse the world is but also shows you just how much treasure there is out there. Discover the beautiful timelessness of travel in a unique way. With everything you see, feel, and experience, the stories told will be more than just the typical travel routines. You will be able to spread your memories to those you love, telling them of the magnificent places visited and the adventures you have wondered at. Life is about learning, and what better way to learn than through immersing yourself in all the destinations, sceneries and cultures around the world? Nothing will come close to the feeling of having a piece of the world explored in a fascinating way.


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