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museums you must visit in India


India is a vibrant country not only in terms of culture, heritage, breathtaking landscape views, but also in terms of museums. Yes, it may sound uncanny but in India you will not only learn about the glorious past of countries and their politics or science but also some unusual things that you have never heard of! Sounds interesting? Want to take a tour at these unusual museums? Then hurry up! Pack your belongings, and proceed to book hotels online with Intermiles and avail of exciting offers on the go.

Paldi Kite Museum

Located in Sanskar Kendra in the Paldi locality of Ahmedabad, Paldi Kite Museum houses the rare kites from the personal collection of Bhanu Shah.

Established by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in 1986, you will be surprised to see so much about kite flying and also learn some interesting facts about the same. The museum displays the kites in showcases in such a way that they start to appear as if, flying up in the sky. Apart from a kite that measures 22ft by 16ft, you will get to see beautiful miniature paintings of Radha and Krishna.

Mayong Central Museum

Mayong a village surrounded by hills is located in Assam, the place lies on the bank of the Brahmaputra river and is known as the Land of black magic. The village features a museum called the Mayong Central Museum, housing bizarre artefacts and books on witchcraft, voodoo dolls, Tantrik manuscripts, metallic rings, seashells and a lot more things. Its inauguration ceremony was held on the 1st of November 2002 at 1 pm sharp.  Visiting this place can be quite a trip as it will send shivers down your spines!

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum

Established in 1965, Shankar’s International Dolls Museum in Delhi is known for its quirks and interest in dolls. The museum was established by Shankar Pillai, a recognised cartoonist and is now operated by Children’s Book Trust. Shankar’s International Dolls Museum features numerous dolls that he collected while visiting different countries. From Shakespearean English dolls to Japanese dolls you will see different varieties of customised figures here. The interior is mainly divided into two parts with more than 160 glass cases on the wall showcasing particulars from Australia, U.S, New Zealand and Europe.

Legends Motorcycling Cafe and Museum

We all know that Bangalore houses technological centres and institutes, breweries, eateries, bars, nightlife indulgences and lots more. But did you know that there is a motorcycle museum of bikes? Well, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast this place would be like a haven for you. Legend Motorcycling Cafe and Museum, owned by SK Prabhu, a biker, features over 20 vintage motorcycles. On the first floor, you will get to enjoy motorcycle variants imported from international countries like New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Some of the vintage attractions here include Norton 500cc along with 1942 James ML Handgear, BSA 500 cc and German Florette 1962.


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