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Five reasons you need to book a yacht to Greece


Greece is known for its orthodox myths and ancient history that holds a special place in the world’s evolution. Located at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa, this European country plays host to some of the most enchanting tourist destinations that are must you visit. To be able to enjoy the country’s beautiful sceneries, then you need to book yourself a well equipped Yacht.


Greece is the considered the birthplace of classical legends and myths and forms the very fabric regarding philosophy, history, and language that have influenced much of the world’s cultural norms to date. It is home to some of the most remarkable 18 documented World Heritage Sites, artifacts, architecture and ancient cities. Acropolis, Parthenon, and the first Olympic site, Mount Olympia should be among the top places on your list. From well-preserved ancient sites to enchanting monasteries, Greece will offer you a breathtaking and memorable tour experience.

The great summer weather

The weather in Greece is considered the perfect one to enjoy a yacht charter tour holiday with friends and family. The Mediterranean Climate characterizes much of Greece’s climate sphere with the ideal holiday time being between Mid April to Mid June. With the sun shining, the weather is just perfect to allow you to enjoy an excellent tour on the yacht.

Amazing Islands and Sceneries

If you are a lover of the camera, then a trip on the yacht will offer you the vantage point to capture those magical moments. You will be sure to enjoy an uninterrupted view of Greece’s beautiful white beaches, rugged mountains, seaside cliffs, and the crystal clear turquoise and blue waters. Also, you will also get to have a close view of Greece’s spectacular Islands that are surrounded by the crystal clear waters and small beaches. The famous Crete Island, The Greek Islands, Santorini, the Saronic Gulf Islands and the Mykonos Island are some of the islands you will see. The islands offer an excellent package where you can see some island villages, white beaches, and archeological ruins.

Delicious Food

Greece is globally known for its healthy and yummy cuisines. It forms a significant part of the country’s culture. On your chartered yacht tour, you will be treated to some sumptuous meals while enjoying the sceneries. Some of the foods you will get to eat while on the yacht include the famous Tzatziki, goat cheese, Greek coffee, Iced Frappe, seafood, fresh vegetables, and fruits among others.

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