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Holiday Ownership


Do you love to travel around the world to different places? Are you one of those who make sure to take out time to relax periodically and go on an adventure?

If regular trips, tours are a part of your life, don’t you think it would be advantageous to opt for holiday ownership?

Are you wondering what it is? Let us explain in detail.  

Holiday ownership is a great way to ensure that you and your family have rooms/ suites available with the hotel/ resort you took the ownership. In simple terms, you pay in advance for a number of weeks with a particular resort/ hotel. You could plan your holiday the next week or next month. There is no need to search for a place to stay.

The resort/ hotel with whom you have the membership will arrange for your stay when you inform them about the arrival dates. Since you would have already paid, there is no need to make any additional payment for the stay. The other expenses will be handled as per the terms and conditions of the membership.

There are a lot of hotels/ resorts which offer such memberships to their customers. This enables the families to go on a last-minute trip and not worry about the availability of places to stay. The following are some of the advantages of signing up for membership.

  • See the world
  • Most hotels/ resorts that offer memberships have branches in various parts of the world. Plan international holidays and stay at an Indian hotel/ resort for Indian prices.
  • The hotels/ resorts will have tie-ups with other hotels where you can stay with your family and enjoy the vacation. Wouldn’t that be a great way to save money?
  • From beaches to jungles
  • You could go to a seaside this summer or choose to spend the spring touring a jungle.
  • Maybe you love to visit World Heritage sites or like to spend some quality time in the idyllic countryside.
  • Irrespective of which place you go to, the hotel/ resort will have it on the list.
  • Stress-free holidaying
  • Going on a holiday is all about relaxing. Why take the stress of checking the arrangements and worrying about planning it right?
  • When you take the membership, the hotel/ resort will help you plan your holiday in advance so that you can totally unwind and enjoy free time with loved ones.
  • A surprise gift
  • Be unique and gift a holiday to your dear ones. As a membership holder, you can gift a holiday package or a membership to others.
  • Surprise your parents, children, friends with a holiday package for them.

You do not have to worry about the kind of rooms you would end up when on holiday. Neat and spacious the hotels/ resorts design apartments that are suitable for families. Kids will have a wonderful time being part of the kids’ activities which are covered by the membership.


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