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Availing a travel insurance policy for your Germany trip is a good idea because it covers all your health emergencies. While travelling through the Schengen countries, the impact of weather and food can be really severe on your health. Exposure to extreme heat and cold may send your body systems into a tizzy and you might have to consult a doctor nearby, to seek medical remedies. If you have a travel insurance policy while traveling in Germany, you can easily get all the medical help that you need, without worrying about the expenses.

Why Germany Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance for Germany is a type of health insurance policy which covers all the expenses required for healthcare in the country. The two biggest reasons for getting a travel insurance policy on your trip to Deutschland are:

  1. Travel Insurance is mandatory for getting a Schengen Visa
  2. You need to present the travel insurance at the port of entry into a Schengen area

Apart from the regulatory requirements, travel insurance is important as it helps a person in dealing with the high costs that define the medical industry in these regions. The healthcare costs in Germany are designed to be affordable for the citizens of Germany and EU. So, being an outsider, spending huge amounts of money on healthcare services may be a lot more stressful than you imagined before venturing on this vacation of yours. Hence, getting a health insurance policy for not just Germany but all the Schengen countries is necessary for tourists.

What is covered in Germany Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance policy for Germany covers all the emergency medical expenses that you need to bear because of unexpected accidents or illnesses on your travel to Germany. Of course, the quantum of covered expenses depends on the coverage and premium promised by your travel insurance provider. Usually, a travel insurance policy does not cover pre-existing illnesses and injuries related to adventure or sports. Also, most insurance policies may not cover the healthcosts inflicted uponthe tourist by any extraordinary situations such as terrorism/ war/ ivil unrest and incidents that happen under the influence of alcohol.

These are the expenses which are covered in the Germany Travel Insurance from reputed insurance providers:

  1. Medical Expenses including Repatriation and Emergency Medical Evacuation
  2. Dental Treatment Expenses
  3. Personal Accident
  4. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  5. Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalization
  6. Compassionate Visit by Immediate Family Members

Things to consider before getting a Germany travel insurance

  • Which are the services that are covered under the travel insurance?
  • What is the range of age covered in the insurance?
  • Whether the insurance covers the emergency medical expenses?
  • What is the daily allowance in case if you are hospitalized?
  • Does it cover loss of passport/ documents/ checked-in baggage?
  • Does it include repatriation and medical evacuation?
  • How does it work? Through Direct Billing or Reimbursements?
  • What are other benefits of the insurance?

A policy of travel insurance Germany  can be your savior if your trip to Germany goes wrong and you encounter a difficult scenario. So, obtaining a travel insurance policy, that too from a reputed insurance provider, which covers all major health-based expenses is a crucial part of your trip planning phase. Your trip to Germany will literally be incomplete without a travel insurance policy, so why not make a wise decision before your embark on your journey.


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