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Trade Show Entertainment


There is a lot of competition on trade show floors. As a seller, you need to create a buzz to get people closer to your booth and to keep them interested in what you need to offer. With a high number of visitors in your booth, you have a higher chance to qualify leads and increase sales.

To be a leader in your field, and especially during a trade show event, you need to devise new and creative methods to get people interested in what you have to offer. Trade show games are among the latest methods sellers are employing to pique the interest of trade show participants.

Entertainment Will Lure Passers-By

One way to capture the interest of those passing by your booth is to keep them entertained. Have you ever noticed how companies doing promotional roadshows use music and dance to attract crowds? This same trick can be used to capture the attention of those near your trade show booth. You can use creative lighting and amazing graphic designs, but every company will be doing that.

You need more than an attractive display – you need to introduce trade show games. Different games and entertainment can be used as part of your trade show display. You can have magicians in your booth, virtual experiences, sports simulations, money-blowing machines, and many more. When used well, games and entertainment are great ways to enthrall your prospects.

Can You Have Entertainers?

Besides games, entertainers are a source of attraction to your booth. Entertainers will know how to make your audience interested in what you have to offer. You can have an artist, a fortune teller, singer, or comedian entertaining your prospects.

It is essential that the trade show entertainer works with the trade show organizers, such as ExpoMarketing, and your sales team, to create a successful event. The entertainer should incorporate different brand benefits and aspects of their entertainment.

Choose an Engaging Game or Entertainer

Trade show games and entertainment are meant to complement your company’s position and allow your staff to engage those who visit your booth. When visitors are engaged in a game that tells more about your products or your brand, the experience creates an experience they will remember.

Pass a Message During the Entertainment or Gaming

Your trade show staff should encourage visitors to engage in different activities, including games. If they enjoy the games and entertainment offered, they will hold the memory dear.

One way to ensure your trade show games and entertainment options are engaging is to collect information from past show attendees. Find out the form of entertainment and games that interest trade show event visitors.

Work With ExpoMarketing

Whether your company is holding a trade show event for the first or the umpteenth time, sufficient preparation is needed. Working with ExpoMarketing, an experienced trade show displays organizer will give your event the edge it needs.

A successful event is a combination of all event aspects from the graphics, the entertainment and games, the pamphlets provided, the arrangement of products, and much more. ExpoMarketing knows how to get your event attractive enough to beckon visitors and convert them to leads and finally buyers.

Incorporating entertainers and games is challenging. On one hand, you want to interest your audience. On the other hand, you need to pass as much information about your brand as possible. Let experienced professionals handle the event for you.


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