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Let's get Prepared for Chadar Trek!


About the trek –

Chadar trek is a popular winter trek in the Zanskar valley of Ladakh. This is one of the most exciting treks across the globe.

During winters, the entire river basin freezes and sets the mood right for the trekking enthusiasts. This is how the region derived its name as chadar and the trek as Chadar Trek.

Although a difficult one, your 62km trekking route is filled with picturesque mountain peaks, scenic valleys, and azure lakes. What makes it an arduous trek is the sudden drop in the temperature of the surrounding region.

Quick Facts – 

Temperature –

In the day time, the temperature ranges between -5 to -15 degrees, which fall between -20 to -30 degrees during the night.

Maximum Altitude –

Chadar Trek has got a maximum altitude of 11,123 feet from the sea level.

Trekking distance –

The entire Chadar trek measures approx. 62 km.

Difficulty level –

This is not such an excellent trekking spot for the beginners as it has got a difficult trekking level. 

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About the destination –

Homing to numerous natural wonders, Ladakh has always been the first preference of many tourists across the world. Zanskar river, which flows here, is simply a cherry on the cake!

When the temperature of the Zanskar Valley drops to a much lower level, the entire river appears frozen, giving rise to a great trekking adventure. This Zanskar river is connecting the bridge between the Zanskar Valley and the Chilling town of Ladakh. The river flows amidst massive mountain walls on both sides. This makes you feel as if you are walking amidst the high standing castle walls. Apart from the Zanskar river, the other mountains, rivers, and glaciers present add on to the beauty of Zanskar. If you are interested you can only book Ladakh Tour packages and tour the places only which also is rated as awesome journey.

Who can go?

  • People who are experienced trekkers or those who are at an optimum fitness level.
  • The trekker should possess sufficient stamina to endure 5km distance within 45 minutes and that too without stressing himself.
  • Chadar Trek participants should be potent enough to carry a backpack weighing 10kg.
  • Heart/epilepsy/asthma/high blood pressure patients should avoid this trek due to uncertain conditions and the level of difficulty. 

Fitness and Acclimatization –

Fitness –

This is a very crucial aspect to consider if you are enthusiastic about Chadar Trek. You can start with your fitness regime with a regular 3-4 km of jogging 1-2 months before your actual Chadar trek adventure. Also, do not forget to train your body to handle cold items. This can be simply done by avoiding contact with warm clothes, hot water, and blankets.

Acclimatization –

You first two days after landing in Leh should be strictly reserved for acclimatization. This helps your body to prepare and adjust to the surrounding temperatures. Also, it is essential to completely neglect the use of heaters in your Leh accommodation on the day before your trek.

How to dress – 

Top – Wear thermal inners, full sleeves t-shirt, woolen sweater, and either a windcheater or a down jacket.

Bottom – Thermal woolen inners and waterproof trekking pants are enough for your bottom.

Palms – You can either opt for woolen or fleece gloves.

Feet – Sports or woolen socks are sufficient enough to protect your feet.

Face and head – You can opt for a balaclava and a woolen cap to protect your face and head.

Shoes – Snow trekking boots are highly recommended for Chadar Trek.

Things to Carry – 

Trekking pole – Although it is not necessarily required, it is always good to carry with you. The trekking pole will help you to get rid of steep alternate patches very efficiently.

Hot water bags – You can slide your warm water bag within your sleeping bag, which helps you to survive the extreme temperatures in the night.

Sleeping bags – You should have two sleeping bags – one which you can use as a liner and the second as your primary sleeping bag.

Insulated water bottle – Ensure that your insulated water bottle is tightly sealed. In case you prefer to use a bottle made from other materials, you might end up freezing the water within.

Extra clothing pair – You should have extra clothing packed in your bag. Wrap your extra dress within plastic bags and then pack it in your trekking bag. 

Quick tips –

  • Prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the Chadar trek.
  • Observe the locals and keep moving towards your final goal.
  • Make sure to keep yourself and all your electronics warm.
  • You can make use of warming pads if you are feeling cold fast than others.


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