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Phi Phi Islands


If you are planning to visit the south of Thailand, you simply must include a trip to the famous Phi Phi islands, which can be reached by boat from either Phuket or Krabi. Perhaps the most iconic of all tourist spots in Thailand, there are a total of 6 small tropical islands to enjoy, and be prepared for a crowded experience, as these islands are extremely popular with tourists worldwide.

Luxury Beachfront Bungalows

If you book a Phi Phi resort bungalow, you have all the mod cons, with climate control, insect screens and a lovely porch area where you can sit back with your favourite cocktail and immerse in the ambience that can only be experienced at Phi Phi. You can literally walk the few metres until you are on one of the best beaches in the world and for the duration of your stay, expect a second to none service from the friendly staff.


Aside from the luxurious pool, there are some great snorkelling spots, where you can observe diverse marine life in its natural habitat, and if you love Thai food, you can enrol in a Thai cooking class, so you can impress your friends when you get home. You might fancy your hand at fishing, or perhaps you would like an island-hopping excursion, which is breath-takingly beautiful, and in the evenings, you can relax on your porch.

Online Solutions

If you are wondering about how to make a booking for Phi Phi, a Google search will bring up the very best resorts, where you can enjoy 5-star service with a smile. If you are planning to go in November, December or January, this is high season so book well in advance, and avoid April 13-15, as this is the Thai New Year, when the locals travel.

Maya Bay

The showpiece of Phi Phi, Maya Bay is best enjoyed in the early morning, before the throngs of tourists arrive, and you can kayak around the bay and explore some of the rock formations. Don’t forget your sunscreen; the sea breeze makes you forget how strong the sunlight is and before you know it, you will have burned your shoulders, and always wear your sunglasses.

If you don’t mind walking, there are lots of quiet little alcoves to explore and a walk along the beach can lead to some interesting paths, but avoid doing that at night, as there is zero lighting once you move away from the resort.


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