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Prague, Home Of Numerous Famous Cultural Attractions In Czech Republic


Prague is a perfect place for sightseeing, experience great nightlife, and enjoying traditional delicious food in its restaurants. It is famous for its unique medieval architecture and most of the Prague’s District 1 is a UNESCO Heritage site. Old Town Square, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, are all located in Prague.

What are the Warnings and Dangers in Prague?

  • Transport and taxis risk – When it comes to a public transport, numerous bus, tram lines, and metro lines might be places where pickpockets operate. Try to avoid getting a taxi on the street but determine the price in advance if you really have to take a taxi.
  • Pickpockets risk – since a large number of tourists attract pickpockets, you should take care of yourself and your belongings in the same way as you would do in any other tourist destination when coming to Prague.
  • Natural disaster risk – Prague can be at risk of flooding during the spring but it’s not that dangerous since the Czech Republic has one of the best floods and other threat warning systems in Europe.
  • Mugging risk – Prague is a completely safe city when it comes to mugging and kidnapping risks like almost no possibility of becoming a prey of a serious crime.
  • Terrorism risk – you still have to be aware of the global risk of terrorist attack even if be Prague have not been reported in the recent history of the Czech Republic.
  • Scam risk – The most frequent scam is in relation to the money exchange on the street where you will get fooled since the money you will get would be old Czech Crowns which are no longer acceptable.
  • Women traveler risk – it is the perfect destination for a first solo trip since Prague is very safe for women.

How Safe Prague Really Is?

Prague is a safe city rampancy of car theft and vandalism pushes up the crime statistics of Prague. The threat of pickpockets is a great issue since the risk of violent crime is low. Begging is also a serious problem in Prague. Using common sense and basic precautions which will keep you safe from pickpockets to make your journey as smooth and relaxed as possible. Take extra care with taxi drivers and money exchanges. It is better to exchange money in banks and not on the street.

Some Useful Information

  • Visas – tourist can stay in Prague without having a visa in less than 90 days.
  • Currency – Czech Crown (koruna) is the official currency of the Czech Republic.
  • Weather – Prague has a temperate climate and the winter covers the surface of the snow. Spring is one of the best times to come for a visit.
  • Airports – some of the airports when coming to the Czech Republic are in Prague, Karlovy Vary, Brno, and Ostrava.
  • Travel Insurance – before coming to Prague, make sure that you have bought a travel insurance policy since the issues can never be predicted.


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