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Reasons To Choose Devon Cottages For Your Next Couple Vacation


Are you wondering where to take your spouse for a romantic hideaway vacation? Well, your search and endless thoughts end here. Devon is a fabulous place that holds the old world charm, cute, cosy and romantic cottages, fantastic natural view and lots more to offer for your next ‘love-bird’ journey.

Be it, North Devon or South Devon, you will always find something interesting to explore. And when it comes to a couple visit the long beaches, fantastic restaurants, picturesque views and fairy tale type Devon cottages will surely swoon you.

Let’s find out why you choose Devon cottages for your couple vacation?

Outstanding Natural Surrounding

If you are planning to spend your next summer vacation with your partner in Devon, you will not regret your plan later. Especially, South Devon is a picturesque place that has much natural beauty to offer. From gracefully flowing rivers to sandy shores and perfect hills and fields, you will find yourself reliving your love life in the midst of nature.

For Art Lovers

You may not be interested in artwork, but your spouse could be. So why not give them the pleasure of picking some of the finest artwork? You will get paintings, sculptures and other varieties of artwork here.

Hire A Motorboat

One of the best attractions in Devon is that you can hire a motorboat for a luxurious boat journey to explore the area. Think of a sunset, you and your partner on the deck and the magnificent beauty of the surrounding. What could be more perfect! You get to see the wonderful sceneries from a different angle.

Pristine Beaches

Devon is a great place for couples who are fond of beaches. The Blue Flag beaches are the most stunning beaches in the country that offers tranquillity and are the right fit for the couple’s visit. On the other hand, you have Bantam beach and South Milton sands that are always bustling. You will also find secret coves that are a little off-track and is perfect for the romantic time.

Dart Estuary To Castle

The Dartmouth Castle is a 600 years old castle that has history and adventurous stories wrapped with it. You can explore the castle and see the beautiful views of the Dart estuary from the castle’s higher positions. The interior has amazing decor that reminds of the forgotten era.

The Lighthouse

Talking about sceneries and Devon has a lot to show. And the Lighthouse is another place from where you can experience some of the fascinating views. This place is worth a visit as here you will find relaxing surrounding to unwind yourself and spend some quality time with your loved one.

In a nutshell, Devon is a spectacular destination for a couple vacation. In order to explore the magnificent country, book your stay in any one of the wonderful Devon cottages. You get luxurious cottages with in-house amenities including kitchenette and other facilities to make your vacation comfortable. From sea view cottages to self-catering ones, Devon is an absolute romantic retreat for couples. Before you book your place, research on the property and see if it suits your requirements


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