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Top 4 Canadian Travel Bloggers To Follow This Year


Exploring the world is fun. One of the exciting places where you can meet interesting people is in Canada. Canadians love to travel. Most of them have become reputable bloggers, and they share their thoughts and experiences with others for learning.  As a traveller, you can learn helpful tips from these top four Canadian travel bloggers to follow this year:

Angelina: The One Who Walked Away From Love

Angelina’s life has been an adventure since she left her boyfriend nine years ago. At first, she went to Mexico for a career break. It was a challenge because she has no exact location in mind where to stay and Spanish is a foreign language for her. Even though she’s no longer in an ad agency, she was able to become successful as a blogger on “Bacon is Magic,” dedicating her full-time on the site.

Later, she met a chef and became her partner. At their starting business, they decided to launch a pop-up restaurant. Then, they were able to establish their first food place in Canada which was financed by Kick starter. It was a great experience, but their relationship didn’t last long. Staying in Toronto, Ontario, Angelina writes an independent guide for travellers.

On her website, she makes sure that you can have all that you need in one spot because she doesn’t want to disappoint people. You’ll be provided with specific practical details of the places that she visited including restaurants where she ate. Getting contact details for the tour operator will give your easy access to travel.

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbel: A Happy, Travelling Couple

There would never be as fun and encouraging if you travel with the person you love. Believing that adventure is for everyone, Dave and Deb are two happy individuals who never stop to inspire millions of people. Motivating people from their great stories is their passion for over eight years, and they still have the adrenaline for adventure. Travelling as a couple and married for twenty years already, they were able to prove that it’s easy to cherish any experience.

You’ll be encouraged by these two top influences in the world to step out from your comfort zones and explore the world. Dave and Deb are always willing to help. Through their website, The Planet D, you’ll obtain the nitty gritty details that you need when you plan to travel across the world. So far, they have something for you for these destinations: the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

It’s a guarantee that you learn a lot from this lovely couple as they have received several awards. Have been working with top travel brands and companies, they are the most requested spokespeople and brand ambassadors.

Charles and Micki Kosman: An Adventurous Couple

Since 2003, these two adventurous individuals — Charles and Mick — love to meet the unexpected.  According to Mick, her joy in life is to travel and usually to discover strange things in the adventure. From a being a bread maker, bookkeeper,  town correspondent, scholar, technical writer, and aiming to become a neuro scientist, Micki, now, works as a successful blogger and internet businesswoman. In collaboration with her husband Charles, their website — The Barefoot Nomad — provides readers travel blogs that are, indeed, very helpful to adventurers like them.

This couple regularly evaluates the places they visit including bags and hotels. Plus, you can get tips about useful tools that you need during your travel and practical things that you can use for everyday life. Your backpack is essential when you travel and through “The Barefoot Nomad, ” you’ll be fully equipped and ready.


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