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A long flight need not be a cumbersome one. We give you 4 ideas to make the flight less of a drag.

Travelling to new destinations is always fun and educational – but the flights themselves can be another story altogether. There are very few people who enjoy flying. The rest of us must tolerate the journey as best as we can, especially if it is a long flight between two destinations.

These are our tips for doing a long-haul flight in style and comfort:

#1 Dress for the flight, but comfort should be key. You’re always seeing photographs of Bollywood celebrities arriving at airports looking fresh and breezy. But did you know that most of them change their outfits prior to landing, and also have makeup and hair stylists at the ready to do ‘touch ups’ before they leave? You don’t have to go to such extremes, since there is no phalanx of photographers waiting for you at the airport. But you should certainly dress in style keeping in mind that you need to be comfortable as well. A pair of snug joggers, a fitted tee, a cap with a cheeky slogan, snazzy sneakers and shades, and you are good to go.

#2 Keep everything you need handy. A long flight can get uncomfortable, especially if there is a layover in between the two destinations. You will have to equip yourself with whatever you need to be comfortable: a neck pillow, or a mild sedative (have it checked in at the baggage counter) to help you sleep during the flight, earphones if you want to listen to music or play a movie on your phone, or a puzzle or colouring book to keep you occupied. You will be fresh and raring to go when you are well rested, instead of limp and irritable when you disembark at Delhi.

#3 Watch the latest movie or read a crime thriller. Another way to do a long flight with relative ease and comfort, is to not think about the distance you are covering at all. The best way to do this, is to keep your mind diverted with a good movie or book during your flight. Download a few videos, or a movie prior to your domestic flight so you can watch it on the plane. Or stop at a bookstore at the airport and buy a good thriller – you will not notice the minutes ticking by and you will be alert when you arrive at Delhi.

#4 Stay hydrated.The air-conditioned environs of the flight and the cabin pressure serve to freeze your joints and dehydrate your system. Ask for a glass of fruit juice or a bottle of water on the flight and sip on it slowly instead of downing it all at once. This helps maintain hydration levels and keeps your mind alert, so that you are less tired and cramped when it is time to leave the plane. Staying hydrated is also good for your eyes and skin.


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