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Benefits of Playing Golf


As Golf is one of Australia’s most popular sports for generations, its sporting allure is no secret. However, everybody knows that golf brings a lot of joy, but, do you know playing golf offers a plethora of health benefits? Yes, golfers are happier, healthier than others in the community and have greater social networks.

In fact, in Australia, about 31.5% of the burden of the disease is attributed to 29 selected risk factors. Of those risk factors, physical inactivity is the fourth highest cause behind tobacco, obesity, and alcohol use. So, health experts from Australia suggest that playing golf is good for health.

With that in mind, come on let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of regularly playing golf.

Brain stimulation

Walking is good for health, and it strengthens the brain’s memory circuits. Whether you are jogging or walking or playing in the mini golf in Perth, keeping yourself active is an excellent way to keep your brain and heart healthier. By keeping active you make sure your brain has a strong blood supply that is essential to help it function better now and in future.

Help increase life expectancy

According to a study conducted in Sweden indicates that the physical activity associated with playing golf has the potential to increase the life expectancy of players as much as five years.

About 94% of the burden of the disease results from physical inactivity, especially for older adults. Hence, golf participation plays a vital role in the later stages of life.

Help maintain your weight

A new study shows that walking or playing in mini golf Perth help burn calories. The popularity if the daily 10k step goals have swept across Australia in recent years and playing a round of golf can achieve the goal. Plus, paring regular rounds of golf with swimming or cycling can help burn a lot of calories and maintain your weight.

Reduce stress

An array of research shows that playing a round of golf Perth releases endorphins. Endorphin is the natural, powerful and mood-enhancing drugs found in our brains. So, golfing helps you reduce stress, relax which help enhance your health drastically.

Improves vision

Golfing helps to improve your vision, as it takes good vision to zoom in on that white ball. So, each time when you take a swing, you can evaluate the keenness of your vision.


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