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Maui helicopter tour


There is a huge list of individuals who take the helicopter tour of Maui whenever they visit the island. It gives you a chance to thoroughly explore the island and have a glimpse of it from the top. The fact that 80% of the place is only accessible by air motivates many individuals to consider the Maui helicopter tours that are offered by numerous companies.

As you plan on taking the tour, there are a few things that you should know. Most of the individuals who take their first helicopter tour does not realize the following things. Although they may appear to be minor points, they can make or break your experience. So, here is our list of Do’s and Don’ts of the Maui helicopter tours.


  • Ask the tour company about safety and precautionary measures: Make sure that you talk to them thoroughly about the helicopter and whether the pilot is certified. The company should be licensed and permitted to operate.
  • Get to know about the tour details: Take a look at the route that you’ll be following. Often the companies provide different route options to the individuals who are talking the tour. So, you need to be careful with the touring details.
  • Wear dark clothes: It may sound useless but this can come very handy. Individuals that wear bright clothes are sometimes unable to get the right view. The problem they encounter is the glare which is maximized by wearing bright clothes. On the other hand, dark color absorbs light and would minimize the glare.
  • Consider the motion sickness: There are people who are not comfortable with such trips and suffer from motion sickness. If you are also among such individuals, make appropriate preparations and take medications if necessary.
  • Get a good camera and tweak the settings for high speed filming: If you plan to take some breathtaking shots and want to save a few memories, you should use a good camera and set it to speed filming for appropriate images.
  • Hold camera lens near window but don’t touch it: Taking it near the window would minimize the reflection that may destroy your images. On the other hand, if you touch the window, you will feel vibration and it will be transferred to your hand and camera which leads to bad images.


  • Wear earrings: There are some individuals who wear earrings. But when you put on your headphones, you may feel irritation as the earrings can get in the way of your gadget.
  • Spend a lot of time on tiny viewfinder on your camera: This is one of the horrendous mistakes people make. They keep on using their camera and try to search for unique stuff with its viewfinder. Well, take a break and use the best lens in the world, the one in your eyes, to have a glimpse at the surroundings.
  • Eat meal just before tour: Some individuals may start feeling sick or may want to throw up during the flight if they consume meal just before the flight.


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