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Things to Know before you plan a trip to Bhutan


The beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan is situated in the Himalayas. It is one of the most beautiful and stunning destinations in the world. If you love traveling and visit exotic places, you will never Miss Bhutan out of the list. You can reach this destination very easily as well established connectivity is provided by the Drukair.

It is the only country to follow Vajrayana Buddhism and so it has a rich cultural heritage. The lush green jungles in the South and the famous Himalayas Mountains in the north make the country very special. In this article, we will see the things to know before you plan a trip to Bhutan.

You need a Visa to enter Bhutan

All the nationals except Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians will need a visa to enter Bhutan with Drukair. So for Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can fly to Bhutan just with a valid passport with six months of validity. Indians are more privileged as they can also use their Voters Identity Card. The other tourists must obtain a visa clearance before they enter Bhutan.

It is a simple process for which one can seek the help of a tour company. To apply for a visa, you can send the photo page of your passport to your tour operator who can apply for the visa. The tour operator will mail you the visa clearance letter to you. After verified by the immigration, they will stamp the official visa in your passport.

You must hire a tour company

Other than the Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians, other tourists must hire a tour company to get their visas. And then, you can go anywhere in the city but only with a tour guide. It is very compulsory especially when you move from one city to another. It is advantageous to have a tour company as they will care about everything and you have to just relax. Getting tickets is also not a big pain and they just log on to the to book your tickets and that makes every other process easy.

You are free to go anywhere in the country

When you begin to plan your trip, you have to inform the tour operator that you are going to travel the whole country after reaching the place through Drukair. Otherwise, you can get to know the popular places in the country. You are free to go to any place in the country but there is a need to get the zonal travel permits especially if it is a special zone.

Enjoy the spicy food

If you love spicy food, Bhutan is the ultimate destination for you. The people of Bhutan eat chili in their breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. They believe that any meal without chili and pepper is an unworthy meal. Your tour guide on the very first day will ask for your food preferences and make arrangements. So you never have to worry.

Astrology is very important in Bhutan

You can learn a lot about Astrology in Bhutan. The positions of the celestial bodies and their movements are very much important in the country. It is looked for every good start like building a house, getting married, having children and getting cremated. It is a very essential part of their culture.

Look for the seasons

Bhutan is beautiful and stunning in all the seasons. The highly recommended seasons to visit are spring and fall. If you have skied on the list, do visit the place during spring or fall. The skies will be very clear and the temperature is also not too hot or cold. The months of September and November are also high season months. Just log in to the well-established air connectivity through DrukAsia.comand have a hassle-free journey.

Take proper clothing

There are many impressive buildings like Dzongs and should never miss seeing them. This building is a half – temple and half municipal offices. If you are visiting the Dzong or any other monastery you must-have dressed properly. Otherwise, they will not allow you inside. By proper clothing, they mean long pants and long sleeve shirts or t-shirts. Jeans are also allowed but it has to cover your arms and legs. Shoes should also be closed.

You have to fly to enter into the country

The most common method to reach Bhutan is to fly and reach their one and only International Airport. It is located in a city named Paro which is one hour away from the capital city Thimpu. There are three flights to Bhutan and the most famous among them is the Drukair. There are flights to Bhutan that only depart from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Thailand. Apart from these, there are other seasonal points and those are Malaysia and Indonesia. Landing in Bhutan itself is an awesome experience. The airport is rightly situated between two mountains. And the airports are not like those as you see in the other countries. It is also like a traditional building of Bhutan.


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