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Special Event Transport Services


Large ground transportation is a massive part in the success of a corporate and non-profit outing. After all, ground transportation is the first, as well as the last thing people who attended your carefully planned event will encounter as they arrive or leave. That is why it is very important that you choose the best out of all the chartered bus companies available in the market today.

In this article, we have compiled a list of tips that can help you choose the best event transportation without any worries. If you follow these advices, transportation will be the least of your concerns when you are planning and during the execution of your special event.

An excellent group transportation agency should offer proper transportation management, not just the vehicle service

Any agency can move people from Point A to Point B, but your transport provider needs to go the extra mile to arrange and pre-plan for information and details you might not have even thought about that can break or make your group’s experience.

Besides scheduling for the right number of buses and drivers, excellent charter vehicle services like The Driver Provider will manage a lot of considerations:

  • Safe and fast route selection
  • Parking close to your hotel or venue
  • Coordination with city authorities or the site
  • Anticipating possible issues like road construction delays with up-to-date communication

These are just some of the things that need to happen before your trip to keep the people in your group moving and happy without any forms of schedule interruptions and long, dark walks to the vehicles. Excellent transport management means more than transporting people from Point A to Point B.

The transport needs to be big, but flexible enough to roll with your plans

It is a big help if you work with a group of transport services as early as the planning stage as possible to reserve the vehicles for your trip. But working with the service providers means that you need a company that is popular, reputable and flexible.

There is a big chance that you will experience ongoing changes to your group’s headcount, possible needing and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant buses or a last-minute addition to your itinerary. Even a perfectly laid plan can change in an instant.

To know more about ADA, check out for more details.

Some no matter what you throw at them, transportation management companies need to be big enough to accommodate all your group’s needs, but also flexible enough to quickly adapt according to your plans. The transportation should be big sufficient to last-minute additions and all the staff should be very accommodating to provide the best-in-class services, even at the last moment. 

The motor coach should add enjoyment to your guests

Newer, more comfortable vehicles that are loaded with amenities like a well-maintained and clean coach, as well as vehicles with excellent safety records, can make the trip for your guests. When it comes to buses, ask about the condition and age of the bus, whether they are cleaned regularly, the maintenance records, or if the bus is suited for your group’s needs.

The interior of the bus should not be showing any signs of wear and tear. Everything needs to be inspected regularly and they should not look like you are the fifth group of people who used that vehicle that day. Lastly, ask the transport service for their Department of Transportation safety records.

You need to keep in mind that a “satisfactory” rating is the highest rating that is given. Do not settle for anything below satisfactory. All three things need to work together to give you and your guests a feeling of comfort and safety, not to mention the friendliness and qualification of the bus drivers.

Not only that, ask the service provider if they supply things like additional signage or bus wraps so that your group can easily spot their bus, an on-board monitor to display branded videos during the trip, branded drinking water or beverages of your choice. These are some of the few little things an excellent transport company can offer to make sure that the ride will be enjoyable for your guests and to your brand image.

What is transport management system? To know more, click here.

Consider the quality and services compared with the price

Everyone has budgets to work with, but like a lot of things, a low price is not a significant indicator that the person availing the services arise will be satisfied. You need to remember that you are not buying a simple bread here; you are purchasing a reflection on your company and yourself, as well as their expertise.

You need to be cautious when it comes to choosing the lowest quote in the market and ask for more information and listings of the company’s services. If the company sounds too good to be true, well, there is a big chance that it probably is. If your reputation and brand are very important, you will want to make sure that the transportation management firm services are in tune and in line with your requested needs and your group’s expectation.


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