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Top 10 Business Travel Etiquette


During your many business travels, there are several etiquette you need follow. This not only shows you being a professional business traveler but its also for your own benefit in the end. From business car hire to the meeting location, all needs to be fixes prior to the event for best outcome of the meeting.

For most of the business travelers we’ve come across, their trips are mainly about how to survive than those being perfect in every aspect. Their morning-to-night conferences, business meetings, corporate lunches and dinners can really test their skills to the limit when it comes to international diplomacy. Therefore, we have lined up 10 of the most important and viable tips that will help in ensuring that your business trip is comfortable and smooth. Also, this will make everyone remember the fabulous way you handled your trip.

1.Know About The Culture Of The Place

In different countries, they have their own distinct customs and culture for business meetings like a firm handshake, getting into a formal wear or perhaps being on-time. Like in Japan, its customary to bow when people meet. Similarly, in Asia, when business personnel meeting, they hand over their business cards.

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Your country may not have one or any of these, but others too. You need to learn their culture, their values and ways of professional meetings. You can learn the customs and norms of the country you’re about to go via Googling.

2.Learn A Phrase Or Two That Are A Choice

Although English is the Lingua Franca of the entire world, still many non-speakers find it very annoying and frustrating when travelers are not even bothered to learn their language a bit. They can make the effort to learn a phrase or two. We’re not saying you need to know the entire local language. Just some commonly used sentences and words, enough to make your point learn or make them understand what you’re trying to say.

You can pick up a few words that conveys your gratitude. Download an app on your smartphone to know the words. Learn how to say ‘Thank You’, Good Morning or Good Evening’, ‘After You’, ‘Let’s Go Out For A Beer’ etc.

3.Stay Professional

Traveling with a bunch of co-workers is different than being in a work environment in the office. When you are traveling, you will probably kick back and relax a bit. But you need to bear in that, after this trip is over, you will resume that professional relationship all over again at the workplace.

Therefore, while you’re at it, try to still keep it a bit professional and not share personal details of other colleagues with the host or other colleagues you’re traveling with. Chances are, people might be aware of the person you’re talking about and this can land you into trouble.

If you start commenting about your colleague’s personal life, family, appearance and stuff, you can not only land everyone in an uncomfortable position, but things can also get a bit ugly when you get back to work.

4.Know How People Meet And Greet At Your Business Destination

Again, you need to learn how the people in the meeting destination meet each other and greet. For instance, in Australia, the formal titles one gives while making a speech have been abandoned a long time ago. They don’t related people to their title like ‘Chairman Smith’, or ‘Event-person Charles’. However, many countries are still bound by these customs and are offended if you ignore these norms.

Also, becoming to familiar is frowned upon too in many places. You earn this thing over time. Just just CAN’T be familiar just like that.

From a handshake, kiss on the cheek to being offered a plate as second help during meals and accepting it, you need to learn the ways of the host country.

5.Going Out Of Your Way Can Be Really Worth It

When you return from your trip, you can send a thank you greeting to the people who hosted for you. This type of gesture will simply go a long, long way. It creates a huge impact of appreciation and goodwill.

The next time you travel to the same destination, they’ll know how to make your visit worth while, with extra care this time.

6.Consider Your Host Country’s ‘Time’ Factor

Australia may be very casual when it comes to reaching a business venue on time, but in Japan, if they say the meeting is at 1 P.M. sharp, you need to be ready and there at 12:45 P.M. sharp. Similarly, a meeting set for 1 P.M. in Mexico means you can get there between 1 P.M. to 3 P.M. It won’t make much of a difference there not being on time.

Learn their way of time and follow it through. And if people don’t show up on time, don’t get stressed or be offended by it. That said, in a country where punctuality is absolute key and core competency, you need to be there on time and expect everyone to arrive at time too.

7.Be Humble To The Country’s Culture And Cuisine: Don’t Make Fun Of It

Is never polite to make comments about the host country’s culture, values, and/or cuisine. In fact, you should think it like this. When people come to your place of residence, you won’t like it if they make fun of your land, your culture, or the food that you eat. How can you do the same, especially as a business traveler? Moreover, if they are a bit expensive in terms of accommodation or food in comparison to back home, you still need to respect that.

As a traveler, make nice comments about how beautiful their culture is, the landscape is. Be humble, nice, and polite. Their cuisine may be different than yours, but that’s how they eat it. So don’t be rude about that too.

Enjoy the different foods they eat and how differently they make it as compared to you back home. It will be fun. Enjoy every second of it!

8.Hire Your Ride To Get Everywhere

When you are a business traveler, its best you hire a ride to move in and around the city as well as to get to the meeting venues. If the host is offering the service, fine. But if they are not, then get a executive car hire service.

This will leave a good impression on your host too, that you know how to travel in style and get places without much trouble.

Other than business meetings, there can be several events. You simply cannot rely on your host to pick you up from the hotel every time there is an event. Have your own business car hire ride and have the liberty and freedom to move anywhere you want. Moreover, when you don’t have anything related to business, your rental hire can also come in handy at that time.

9.Social Media Can Be Harmful So Be Careful About It

Its best when the time for your business trip is drawing near, you stop sharing content on social media, especially any news related to your host country.

Similarly, you are sharing the different things about your trip on your social media account for the people back home. Little do you realize that your hosts might also be able to see that. You need to be careful there too. Not making any stupid remarks or saying something funny about their culture.

10.Think Of The People Back Home

While you’re away on your business trip, also working like your fellows back home, your colleagues might be thinking you’re on a leisure trip and might be all green with envy. Well, you are checking your emails, you’re meeting business clients, you’re doing work too. And your work buddies back home might also be sharing some workload because you’re not here.

Thinking about scoring some brownie points? Bring home something for them so they know that you had them in mind even when you were miles away on a business trip.


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