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Top 5 Busiest Airports in the World


An airport becomes the true epicenter of tourism thanks to its constant flights, passengers, entrances and exits, or various connections that make it a more or less bustling place. The most visited airports in the world that we are going to see below are especially based on the flow of passengers that cross their facilities annually, and whose monopoly is held mainly by the United States and Asia.

Los Angeles International Airport

The famous Los Angeles airport is “in theory” the second busiest airport in the United States, and I say in theory because its main competitor in Chicago, whose positions in the rankings are exchanged every year with an average of between 50 and 55 million passengers. If we focus on the current winner, Los Angeles airport is the benchmark for the West Coast, also known as LAX, its hiatus code, by locals. Place of entry for many international passengers, the main bridge to the peaceful archipelagos such as Hawaii, western enclaves, such as Seattle or San Francisco, and the rest of the country.

However, Dubai international airport is also considered to be one of the best airports in the world because it offers amazing Dubai airport transfer services to all its passengers.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

If China is one of the current great powers, Japan is not far behind. The most important international airport in the country of the rising sun is based in Ota, 14 km south of Tokyo, and a trajectory is initially driven by the constant transport of military goods during World War II. Its four terminals served more than 51 million passengers during 2013, being the second in the entire Asian continent ahead of Dubai and Hong Kong.

London Heathrow

The city of London is the busiest in Europe; proof of this is its main and closest airport, Heathrow, which concentrates 90 airlines and a total of almost 55 million passengers annually. Its massive flow of travelers is complemented by a large number of services such as the Heathrow Express, its own metro line, and numerous taxis or buses, not to mention the wide range of hotels. A European benchmark, it is followed by the Main in Frankfurt and the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Beijing International Airport

The Asian giants are specialists in this bustle, crowds, or large infrastructures, and Beijing, the capital of China, has become the benchmark of the country. Its expansion in 2008 coincided with the celebration of the Olympic Games, boosting the flow of the airport to reach its maximum record this year with more than 63 million passengers, and it is also the base for numerous national airlines such as Air China or China Southern Airlines.

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport

Located 11 km south of the famous capital of Georgia, Atlanta airport is considered the busiest on the planet since 1998 and the one that has created the most jobs, specifically 55,300 employees. The main reason is its strategic position, which makes numerous connections between the north and south of the United States, with more than 2,500 daily flights. Although its passenger flow decreased in 2013 (more than 71 million), it continues to remain in the top year after year.

The busiest airports in the world are concentrated mainly in places with a large flow of travelers, such as Asia, the United States or Europe, although places such as Indonesia, Dubai, Madras in India, Istanbul or especially Brazil are emerging as the great tourist surprises ( and therefore busy) for 2014. Because in terms of airport traffic, the figures are constantly changing.


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