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immigration law impact your job opportunities


Immigrations and people movements have been a part of the civilizations and human evolution. Be it for survival in the medieval days or for business and learning opportunities in the 20th century, immigrations play a crucial role in shaping our society and workplace. In a country like the US, immigration laws and the policies around have always been a hot topic. Especially, when a significant share of the employed individuals consists of immigrants.

And these immigrations rules and strategies not only impact individuals, but also businesses, organisations and the governments (in terms of revenue, policies and development plans). Let’s list down some key impacts that a country’s immigration law can have on your job opportunities.

1. Opportunities in the industry of your interest

The immigration policies can vary with the kind of industry, job profile and position. The law might be in favour of granting visas for people in specific roles or within a specific domain. For example, someone aiming to work as a medical researcher might have a greater chance than someone looking for a job as a doctor at a hospital. These laws are also formulated based on the future goals of the nation. Like the government planning to improve their educational infrastructure would favour teachers and students over other aspirants.

2. Laws driven by certain foreign policies

A country’s foreign policies play a key role in driving immigration laws. If the immigration country has special friendly policies or collaboration agreements with certain other nations, the immigrants from that country might have a great chance of finding better job opportunities than other nationals.

3. Are your qualifications good enough?

While educational qualifications do have some weightage, they aren’t the only that matter. In the US, close to 30 percent of engineering and technology-related jobs are done by immigrants. And fair shares of these are in high positions and with industry leaders like Google, Microsoft, and Intel etc. So, your educational qualifications along with your experience and history can push your chance up or down.

4. How would you contribute to the GDP?

For any country, small or big, developed or developing; GDP is an important aspect that influences the immigration laws. If the job you are seeking contributes greatly to the revenue and GDP of the country, it boosts your chances of getting through. Furthermore, if you bring a new skill or something that could benefit the nation in the long run, the immigration laws are more likely to be in your favour.

The authorities regularly revise and amend the Immigration laws based on the policies. And this often leads to problems and delays for people aspiring to get visas and explore opportunities in the country. If you or someone you know is stuck with such immigration challenges, you need an attorney that understands these laws and help represent your rights. Get in touch with Goldstein Immigration Lawyers for assistance with your immigration matters. Exploring or opting for legal channels will not ruin your case; rather it would help your situation.


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