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Top things to do Brasov for an Amazing Vacation


If you are one of those guys that like adventure, then you should consider visiting the city of Brasov. Even though this pace is not known to many people, it is one of those places where you can visit and enjoy like you have never done before in your life.

Tours in Brasov will expose you to all sorts of adventure, and you will find every penny you spend together with your time worthwhile. There are so many things that you will enjoy seeing when you visit this place like the ones listed below, take a look.

The bran castle

This castle is the top tourist attraction in Brasov. A visit to this place will see you interact with hundreds of thousands of other tourists visiting the same site. The castle is also over hyped due to its Dracula association.

The location of the castle is in a small village of Bran, which located about 30 km away from Brasov.  Built-in the year 1377, the fortress served as a strategic defense and also a custom pass. This castle has a very long history and has also been owned by so many people in the past.

The history of this place is just exciting and unique on its own. If you visit the site, you will have a perfect way of connecting with history and getting to know and learn so much about the Bran castle. It will probably fall on the list of some of the best places you have ever visited as an individual.

Rasnov fortress

If you are a big fan of history, then Brasov is one place you need to make sure you visit. The Rasnov forest, for instance, is one of the places where you will interact with so many events evidence of past events. The location of this fortress is in a small town located on the base of a mountain.

On top of the same mountain, you will find the Rasnov fortress, which is one of the best-preserved historical attractions. This fortress is one of the best things you will ever see if you are a frequent adventurer.

The fortress has been built strategically to allow the visiting people better visibility of the areas around. The first use of this fortress was to control and also defend the entrance into Transylvania. The fortress is believed to have been built in the 13 century by the Teutonic Knights.

The materials used to build the fortress were wood in the first place, which was later upgraded to stone and steel. The upgrade of the fortress was a result of the combined efforts of the villagers in the region who used the fortress as a refuge place.

The rupee fortress

This is another fortress that is built on top of a hill. The fortress is relatively old as it was built in the 14th century. Even the fortress is ancient, it has continued over time. The fortress, just like the ones, was used as a defense mechanism for the locals living in the area.


If you are looking for a place where you can have unmatched fun, you need to visit Brasov. It is one of the best places you will ever set your foot on earth.


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