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Types of Divorce and What to Know


When two people are not able to live a successful marriage life, they decide to break their marriage. Though getting divorce has become a lot simpler, it is a crucial time for both the couples and so they need someone who can take sound decision on their behalf. Therefore, hiring divorce attorney is must.

Most of the people are not aware about different types of divorce. So, this article will talk about types of divorces that a couple can choose to and their married life.

No fault divorce

In this type of divorce, the major reason for ending the marriage is clashing differences. More specifically, any of the spouse can and the marriage without giving reason accept clashing differences. By stating the reason, they can and their marriage life because this cause of divorce means that any one or both the partners are not willing to continue their marriage life. it is not possible to stop the divorce when this type is used because either one or both the partners have a choice to start the proceedings to get divorce.

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Moreover, this type of divorce also saves time because the judge did not have to spend much time to look at the behaviour of husband or wife and to find out who is more guilty in the relationship. However, if children are involved in the case, the jury main require to hear arguments to come up with a decision of children custody.

Uncontested divorce

In this type of divorce, husband and wife are not required to go to the trial. Under this type of divorce, the spouses do not have any disagreement about ending their married life. Also, the spouses are ready to negotiate a settlement without even appearing before the judge. This type of divorce is regarded as a cheaper kind of divorce because it is not require any trial and so it saves both time and money of the spouses. Nevertheless, if you are facing any problem in taking divorce, you can hire a divorce attorney in Cypress, TX for assistance.

Contested divorce

Under this type of divorce husband and wife or anyone spouse is is not in the favour of divorce. These type of cases cannot be installed outside the court. It is a a lengthy and expensive kind of divorce because it requires you to appear in court at every trial. Also, this kind of cases take a long time for the divorce to be finally granted.

Divisible divorce

Under this type of divorce, marriage gets terminated but some issues which get settled during the divorce are not settled. More specifically, in most of the divorce cases issues like child custody, alimony, property division are decided before the divorce but in this case these issues are decided only after the marriage is terminated. This type of divorce is obtained by the spouses if any one party wants to to get married again without waiting for weeks to get the divorce finalized.

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If you are not able to decide which type of divorce can be better for you, take help of an experienced divorce lawyer. He will help you in finding the best option according to your situation.


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