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What is a Ringtone and How to Download It


A ringtone is a short cut of a song. A user can download it and, using the Settings, put it on a call. Depending on your preferences, you may set a different tune for every number or just use it as a general one for all incoming calls. Let’s find out a bit more about them as well as their kinds.

First of all, there are many categories of ringtones. You can find different music genres including classical music, pop, hip-hop, rock, etc. Besides, you may download pieces from film soundtracks or other options. Funny speeches, noises, etc. all of it can be installed on your phone. Just go to the corresponding site, download the tune, and change the settings.

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Another group of tunes covers sms ringtones. They differ a bit. For one thing, this ringtone is shorter. Moreover, it is not a part of the song. It can be a simple tune or sounds like thunder, broken glass, or even toilet flush. You can find them in the sound effects category and use them for the incoming texts.

In both cases, the download is very simple. You open the website with ringtones. Then you browse through the categories or use the search bar to pick the needed ones. Click on download and verify the action. As soon as the download is complete, you can adjust the settings on your phone. Be attentive and pick something that reflects your mood and personality to make your phone even more unique.


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