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Vociferous Vihigaon


The falls rappelling in Vihigaon falls stood relating to 100 twenty feet of a garrulous cascade is one in each of these encounters each daring temperament yearns for! Canyoning is one in each of these games that have clad to be common all over throughout the world. The Western Ghats have varied cascades and streaming rivulets that ar most applicable for water rappelling. Vihigaon falls in Kasara metropolis is one such nature’s blessing to humanity.It’s a one-of-its kind of experience that features rappelling, down-climbing, and stream following amidst thick backwoods.

it’s the foremost ideal approach to beat phobic neurosis – the priority for Heights! To encounter the excite of suspension at the stature of around 100 linear measure and rappelling get able of water might be a standout amongst the foremost fantastic experience encounters.

Therefore, this place holds nice brave value and significance with some unknown facts of the falls. many honeymoon & romantic packages in India organizes honeymoon visits for the Vihigaon Falls in nation. If you are associate journey avid then originated your pretty honeymoons with the best honeymoon & romantic packages in Asian country. There ar ample organization and tour agent companies World Health Organization take a vigorous [*fr1] in transcription honeymoon packages with an oversized vary of schemes and discount offers for the honeymooners. With a cheap honeymoon & romantic packages in India book your tickets presently to travel to the current brave place in Bharat.

What makes this place exceptional and worth visiting?

• Weekend breakthrough from the hustle bustle of life

• Rappelling the foremost on-demand sports activity at intervals the Vihigaon Falls

• The fun activity of battling amid the falls provides you fundamental measure experience.

Things to carry where as visiting the Vihigaon Falls

• Lunch Box
• bottle
• Backpack
• towel
• Trekking Shoes with high-quality grip
• ladies Scarf
• Carry further clothes simply just in case your clothes get wet whereas rappelling

Important Tips

• Smoking and drinking liquor is completely prohibited

• The tourists ought to maintain behaviour throughout the full activity

• The tourer to behave well with their guide whereas exploring the rappelling at intervals the Vihigaon Falls

Expert Views

Rappelling or Abseiling might be a system utilized for controlled diving down from a stone fix or slant. the primary hardware utilized ar rattling ropes, descender, situate saddle aboard gloves and a protective cap for security. this system has been consumed by our experience specialists to make an event recreational experience action whereby we tend to square measure progressing to sink on a rope that too beneath the stimulating stream of water through cascades, beneath the good fortune and security of specialists.
Vihi cascade might be a widely known cascade rappelling spot shut (Karjat). come and appreciate the excitment of this incident recreational experience sport this rain.

Itinerary of the Vihigaon Water Falls Rappelling

• Early Morning leave from metropolis civil time towards Kasara by 06:55 am fast Kasara neighborhood (Detail train timetable square measure declared later). One can board a similar train from your nighest train depot on the native line.
• Reach Kasara by 9.10 am. On landing in Kasara, get on at the value tag counter of Kasara train depot. Meet your pioneers, head tally and later further continue towards Vihi town by neighborhood transport (Sumo/Trax)

• Breakfast and Introduction session at Vihi town. steering session at cascade and begin the rappelling action (09:30am). Appreciate the excitment of Vihi cascade for the length of the day with astonishing rappelling beneath the master’s direction.

• Night leave to Kasara and after further continue towards metropolis by close to train

• Visit closes with Happy recollections

How to Reach Vihigaon Waterfalls?

• The spot is effortlessly open from National Highway-3 (Mumbai-Nashik-Agra Highway). whereas going from metropolis, take a left flip seven metric linear measure before of Kasara. starting here, Vihigaon town is just vi metric linear measure away.
• tourer ought to avail the Kasara rail station to realize Vihigaon cascade. The station lies on a region railroad and 13 metric linear measure removed from town. you will enlist vehicles from the station to your destined place.

• Nashik plane terminal (60 km) is that the closest terminal to Ashoka cascade.

Accommodation in Vihigaon

A lot of lodgings and resorts ar accessible at intervals the Igatpuri for settlement reason. you will select any of them keep together with your profit. to decision several hotels and guest homes in Vihigaon ar building Ashwin, Relax journey Resort, Mystic natural depression Spa Resort, and lots of others.

Eateries in Vihigaon

Some of the time, neighborhood individuals move nourishment like grilled corn, vada-pav, and tea at intervals the region of Ashoka cascade. In any case, it’s prudent to convey adequate sustenance and water. to decision several eateries and eatery in Vihigaon ar Tulsi building, building Narmada, Zaika Family building, and lots of others.

Vihigaon falls Rappelling

The drop-down tallness of 100+ feet in addition offers possibilities of Rappelling at the cascade. These days, many experience organizations convey our rappelling exercises on this cascade amid rain months. It provides totally exciting knowledge whereas rappelling down from the cascade! so on win rock bottom of the cascade, you’ve got ought to end barely trek from thick solid ground. In general, it is a unexampled place to travel to for all nature sweethearts and masterly devotees.


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