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Best Colosseum Tours


Colosseum is one of the best places to visit in the Vatican City. The amphitheater that is an old architectural building is the point of interest for most tourists. Everyone who travels to Vatican City doesn’t forget to visit the place. Colosseum itself is a quite entertaining place. People spend hours to explore the whole place. But if you are on a short tour then you should plan a tour trip in such a way that you visit the nearby places to the Amphitheater re. It will make your best colosseum tour. The places that are near to this monument and that you will love to visit them are

La Fontana del Colosseo

It is just a minute drive away from Colosseum. It is the fountain that most people usually ignore. It is situated to the right as you will exist at the Metro Station near Colosseum. The interesting thing is its design it is a Sarcophagus-like marble container with a couple of cherubs and a lion’s head at the top with a spout where the water is coming out from.

Colosseum Bar Hop

Visiting some tourist place without eating and drinking will spoil the fun of the picnic. So, if you are fond of drinking beer, you will find the Colosseum Bar Hop a one-minute drive away from the monument, here you will be served with a high-quality drink with normal price. The nightlife is outstanding. You enjoy drinking, but you play games, get free pizza slices and have a lot of other entertainment stuff.

Ludus Magnus

It is one of the largest schools in Rome. It is also known as a great gladiatorial training school. It was constructed by Emperor Domitian in the first century. The main purpose to construct to train the gladiators. These trainees practice, eat and drink in their school thus use o spend quality time there. Visitors can go there and see the library, art, and construction of the school to spend their time.

Roman forum

The ancient Roman monument is just 4 minutes away from the colosseum. You can take a cab to reach the place. It is a beautiful place of attraction for tourists. The amazing things to enjoy there are markets, square, temple, Arch of Septimius and house of Vestal virgins. You can plan a special day trip to visit the Roman forum and have a fun day there.

There is a lot of entertaining stuff and places near colosseum. You can get more information from . It is the tourism site that facilitates the visitors with all information regarding the tour. No matter how many days you want to visit and what is your budget you will get the sincere advice and proper trip arrangement to the Vatican City. Decide your trip now and make it memorable by visiting amazing places in the Vatican including colosseum and nearby places.


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