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Cashier Myricks - 3 Travel Essentials for Your First Solo Trip


Traveling solo is something that you must do at least once in your lifetime. It helps you to introspect and know yourself better. You can explore the world and meet new people. Travelers often share some fantastic experiences that add new meaning to their lives. They unlearn and re-learn new things to share them with the world.

Cashier Myricks is a passionate globetrotter and loves travel and adventure. He says that travel is good for one’s soul. He has been to several travel destinations and sites. He shares travel tips for both experienced and first-time travelers on his online portals.

He says that solo trips are amazing, and they improve you as a person. However, most people are scared to travel alone. Some feel they will get bored if they go on their own. This is not true. There is no possibility of you getting bored. You will be able to meet so many new people and who knows you might land up making a new friend.

3 Essentials to take with you when you travel on your own

So, if you have decided to travel solo, you must prepare in advance. Mentally and physically, you should be responsible for all your belongings. Both youngsters traveling alone for the first time and seasoned travelers must keep safety in mind. The following are some essential items that you must get before you leave-

  1. Smart luggage – You should invest in smart luggage approved by the TSA and comply with every airline’s standards. Choose the right size, so all your belongings are tucked safely with a TSA approved lock, good nylon pockets in the front to keep small things handy, and an ejected battery. They also come with USB chargers.
  2. Water bottle – A good water bottle should be taken on the trip. You can strap it around your waist when you travel. Some products can also be wrapped up and kept in your backpack safely. Remember to stay hydrated on your trip. Long plane journeys can dehydrate you if you do not drink enough water.
  3. Backpack – There are theft-free backpacks available in the market. You can use them for safely keeping your laptop and other vital accessories. These backpacks have several compartments so that you stay organized on every trip. They are waterproof and often come with an in-built USB charger. Ensure you do not forget to pack in a good power bank and keep it in the bag.

According to Cashier Myricks you should know about the weather conditions of your destination before the trip. This will help you to pack in with the right clothes.

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It is prudent to layer up as you can take off a jacket if too hot. Likewise, when you feel cold, you can put on a scarf and a jacket conveniently. This tip is both for males and females embarking on a solo trip to any part of the glo


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