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How do you transport a dog by plane


When planning to transport your pet dog by air, it is important to understand some basic measures and procedures. The procedures can help you know about the tips to follow and how much the procedure can cost you.

Let us take you through some of the vital things to consider when planning to take your pet through the plane.

Steps to transport dog safely by air

  1. When planning to travel with your pet by air, it is important to know the country rules, vaccines required and other important ones. Without knowing the rules, it may be difficult for you to travel in a hassle free manner.
  2. Try to choose airlines that are friendly for pets. However, not all airlines offer the same facilities for pets. It includes maintaining suitable safety measures for your pet. When choosing this option, it is better to research online to grasp a better idea to ensure your pets’ proper security and safety.
  3. Make sure that you measure your pet in an airline travel crate. Also, you have to train your pet on how to spend time when weighing in the crate. In case they are not used to spending time in the travel crate, try to make them comfortable in their kennel. This shall help them at the time of travel.
  4. You should resort to help as required and should not neglect when you need a professional’s help when traveling by air. The professionals are available most of the time, keeping a watch on the dog’s movement.

How much cost is involved in pets traveling by air?

Pet moves are different based on the type of pet you are traveling with. Also, several other factors involve the cost of air traveling when compared to ground transportation of dog. Some of the factors are enumerated as below.

  • The air charges
  • Traveling crate of pet
  • Transportation to and fro the airport
  • Health-related documents and permits
  • Details of government endorsement
  • Custom charges
  • Pre-move pet visits

However, the prices can be varying depending on the following factors relating to your pet.

Size of the pet

The price of a pet’s ticket will depend on the travel crate’s size required for your pet. It will cost more if your pet is tall and large. However, it can also vary from one airline to another.

Place of origin and destination of travel

If your place of origin and destination is far away from the airport, it can be costlier. In the case of small towns, the cost may be low compared to the other mode of travel.

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When choosing an airplane, it is better to choose a destination situated close to the airport.

Import permits for pet

When moving internationally to your new home, it is better to obtain formal permission from the state government. It is important to get the permit for traveling. Even if it costs additional costs, it is worthy of the import permit that you can get for the pet.

Essential health certificates

It is required to get suitable health paperwork for your pet, along with health certificates. These indicate they are healthy. Are you travelling with a cockapoos, and are cockapoos hypoallergenic? If yes, just ensure you have certificates to show they have been treated of any fungal infections, and are safe and healthy to share a space on the aircraft. Government officials should certify the documents, and proper health certificates should be produced at the time of flying with your pets . Get necessary supplements and cat and dog wormer handy for your trip.

Check-in rules

The check-in takes some time, depending on the guidelines of airways. For a suitable check-in procedure, you can seek help from a specialized agent who can help you with suitable paperwork.

It shall help to take care of your pet when traveling via air. By following the correct rules, it shall help in hassle-free traveling via air.

Custom clearance tips to follow

Even after landing, there are certain procedures to be followed, and here, the customs agent can help you suitably. It includes checking tariffs, handling fees, tax, and the like to be paid at the correct time.


So, as you go through the above-said guidance, it shall help transport your dog by air. By knowing the details of the cost, it will help you plan ahead of your trip and do not mess up at the last moment. In case you miss out on the tips, it is better to consult with an agent so that the person can help you transport your pet with ease.


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