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Imagine you are all packed and set for your Bali vacation, dreaming of the warm sand hitting the soles of your feet, and having a drink at the beach side in front of the majestic, vast ocean. As soon as you reach the airport, your flight is cancelled; all your dreams got washed away like the waves that you were dreaming of. To avoid such unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance is your backup plan. But in our country, travel Insurance is way too underrated and some people don’t really believe in buying travel insurance due to few pre-existent myths, which we have strived to explore below:

  • Travel Insurance can be brought later: Many people are in the belief they can buy the insurance later on, but usually end up facing the consequences of not having one on their trip. They book their tickets and hotels in advance but usually don’t give much thought on the insurance side. This is unfortunate as having a travel insurance policy can prove to be beneficial in case of unforeseen circumstances, like cancelled flights or personal injury during the trip.The other option is to become a slave to circumstance and have your money be leached away from. So, it’s better to go for a travel insurance policy at the time of planning the whole trip.
  • Covered under Health Insurance: Imagine falling sick and beinghospitalized in a foreign country right at the peak of your vacation, a circumstance that can lead to hefty bills if you are not prepared. If you think this would be covered under your medical insurance, you may be wrong, because not every health insurance policy covers your medical bills in another country. You would need to purchase a travel insurance policy in order to be financial secure under such a situation.
  • Refund processes: There is a particularly persuasive myth that hotels or airlines would refund the amount in case of cancellation, but bookings are often non refundable and don’t really involving returning the full amount. People generally don’t care about reading the terms and conditions attached with the bookings and end up agreeing to the same, which usually includes refunding conditions. Travel Insurance protects you from these risks.
  • No risky activities: No travel insurance: It may be wrong to think that you need travel insurance just for when you are getting involved in risky activities; you might also get injured during a car accident or find yourself falling sick due to consumption of local cuisine. There are many such chances of having the need to seek medical assistance beyond risky activities. In such cases, insurance takes care of your medical bills and makes your trip safer.
  • Purchasing travel insurance is a lengthy and cumbersome process: With the advancement of technology, the process of buying travel insurance has been narrowed down to be a simpler one. Gone are the times when there was a need to visit the insurer’s office and wait for your turn to buy a policy; now you can opt for buying travel insurance online through just some simple steps. Still, people firmly believe the myth that it is a tedious and difficult procedure.
  • Filing claims can be a fool’s errand: There’s this strong myth existing in majority of people’s minds that at the time of claiming, the insurers makes you pay several visits to the office, and still, you might not get your claim approved. Well, this is not what the real life situation looks like; it’s a simple and effortless task to file a claim. This is especially true with regards to companies with high claim settlement ratio, such as Bharti AXA.


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