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Countries from the UAE


Hey Folks, are you planning to visit other countries from the UAE? That’s great, we can help you pick places as we have made a list of countries that are worth visiting from the UAE.  Each of these countries hasits distinct charm and thrills, so if you are interested simply keep reading.

1. Russia

Why not take a trip to Russia? This country is steeped in rich history and has an architecture that will leave you mesmerized for sure. The people in this country are very friendly and warm and will make you feel at home instantly. The city has beautiful palaces, museums, nightclubs, and much more. While applying for Russia visa from Dubai, make sure to apply at least 1 month before hand to avoid any processing delay. Make sure you sign up for a full-day city tour of Russia, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Russia visa from Dubai

2. Azerbaijan

If you live in Dubai, then this country is very close to you. The good thing about this country is that it has many different climatic zones and lovely landscapes that will leave you craving for more. If you love taking pictures, then this is the right place for you.

3. Bahrain

Bahrain is one country that should not be given a miss for anything in the world. It has wonderful tourist attractions, and fabulous architecture, and offers tourists a homely atmosphere. The country has many beaches where you can enjoy a host of water sports. You must visit attractions such as Fateh Fort, Muharraq Fort, Mahir Fort, and Bahrain Fort.

4. Saudi Arabia

If you want to experience a bit of Arabian culture with a modern touch then Saudi Arabia is the country you need to visit. Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is considered to be a hub for business. This place is blessed with natural beauty and historical attractions. You enjoy desert outings, camel rides, camping, camel rides, and shopping for gold.

5. Turkey

Turkey is a popular choice for most tourists who want to experience a magical holiday. This place is not far from the UAE. In fact, you will find many travel agents who will take you there for reasonable money.  Once you get there you must not miss out on attractions such as Topkapi Place, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and much more.  Make sure you also visit the local souq there to get a glimpse of the spices, handicrafts, and jewelry.

6. Lebanon

When you visit Lebanon, you must visit Beirut without fail. Beirut has so much to offer its tourists such as stylish nightclubs, luxurious hotels, sprawling malls, theme parks, beautiful parks, architecture, and historical monuments. The culture in the city is quite vibrant and warm you are going to love it for sure.

7. Jordan

Are you interested in discovering the history of new countries? Well, then you should visit Jordan, this country will amaze you with its fabulous history and natural beauty. But in case if you are travelling to UAE then should apply for Dubai visa from Jordan at least 2 month before hand if visiting during December to Feb month as there are huge foot fall. You must also visit Petra in Jordan as it is steeped in history, this is also a good place to learn how the culture of the country evolved throughout the centuries.

8. Israel

Have you had curiosity about the Jewish culture? Israel is the country that will satisfy that curiosity. Make your way to the city of Tel Aviv and absorb its glamorous energy. The city has embraced a modern lifestyle without compromising on its traditional culture and that is what makes this place a delightful tourist destination.

9. Qatar

If you love Dubai, then you are certainly going to love Qatar so we highly recommend that you visit the country. You are going to love the theme parks in it, the beaches, and the desert with red dunes. If you love golfing then head out to one of the many golf courses in the city and have a good game.

10. Italy

This country must be on your list as it is beautiful and mesmerizing. The country has many cities such as Rome, Naples, Sicily, Venice, and Milan. They have a lot of history that you are certainly going to enjoy exploring. Do try out some of the traditional Italian food as it is delicious.

11. Germany

If you love reading about World War Two then a visit to Germany is a must. This country has many museums where you can see interesting exhibits of history including pieces of the Berlin Wall.

So, this is our list of the countries that you must visit from the UAE. You can choose to visit them separately or in multiple countries by availing of a travel package. Just get in touch with a reliable travel agent and it is smooth sailing from there.



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