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Houseboat Trips in Kerala


Kerala, fondly called as God’s Own Country, is loved for its scenic landscapes, lush greenery and serene ambience. Of the many experiences that one can enjoy here, cruising through tranquil backwaters in a houseboat is something that every tourist must add to his itinerary. Houseboat trips are just perfect for a family-friendly vacation, where there is something for every member of the family. While parents can relax and soak in scenic views of the surroundings, the kids can enjoy fun activities like fishing, canoeing or even swimming. And there is delicious local cuisine to savour and even a chance to be a part of cooking classes on board. If you have planned to take a family houseboat trip in Kerala, here is a guide to make your trip an unforgettable experience:

1- Choosing the right houseboat: This is the first and the most crucial part to ensure an enjoyable experience. The size of the boat and the amenities it has are things to keep in mind. You must opt for a houseboat in which you and your family can have a comfortable stay. As far as the amenities are concerned, boats with a kitchen, living area, clean washroom and air conditioning facilities are perfect when you are with family. Wifi, TV and board game facilities will also keep the family entertained. Also consider whether you would need a crew to navigate or wish to boat on your own. Irrespective of your preference, remember to finalise a houseboat that fits your family’s needs so that everyone can enjoy a stress-free trip while exploring the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

2- Activities for the Family: The backwaters are full of adventure. You and your family can engage in activities like fishing, watch the locals bargaining at the local markets, go for a recreational swim, or simply row out in a canoe. If there is any family member interested in cooking, you can ask the boat operator whether there are any cooking classes available to participate in. Learning about new cuisines, cooking methods and ingredients is a great way to bond with others and broaden one’s knowledge. Indulging in all these fun activities will make sure everyone has a great time and leave your family with unforgettable memories.

3- Cruising the Backwaters: Now coming to the cruising experience in the backwaters, which will be the highlight of your trip. The backwaters take you through the picturesque landscapes and serene surroundings. You can opt for any of the popular routes, each has its own charm. The Alleppey to Kumarakom route is quite popular among tourists as it takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of the backwaters. On your way you would get a chance to pass by the best waterfalls in Kerala, see the locals fishing and go about their daily lives. Another popular route is the Kollam to Alappuzha trip, which is a bit longer but equally charming. You can opt to take a day trip or you can plan for an overnight stay on the houseboat. Remember, the longer you stay, the more you get to explore.

4- Accommodation in Kerala: After enjoying a wonderful houseboat experience, it is important to look for a comfortable place to stay during your visit to Kerala. It would be best to choose any of the five star hotels in Kerala like The LaLiT Resort and Spa Bekal, as these hotels are known for their exceptional hospitality and world class services. Here there are wellness facilities like spa, swimming pool, gymnasium etc, making them a perfect choice for your family if you are looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation. Also, most of these hotels are located in scenic locations like hill stations or by the sea, which adds to the overall beauty of the place.

All in all, a houseboat trip in Kerala’s backwaters is an unforgettable experience for families with an exciting range of activities for everyone. So plan your next family getaway and it will surely be a one to remember.


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