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Make Your Wrong Things Right during Travel with Bharti AXA Travel Insurance


There is no perfect handbook that can guide you with planning vacations accurately to the last minute. Since it is dependent on many factors such as your budget, preferred destination and itinerary, you have a bunch of bookings and planning on your hand when you plan a trip. Even after all that planning, there still are several challenges and risks that you cannot foresee and may need to face while you are on your trip. There may be moments where you are expected to improvise, and it is understandable if you make mistakes in the process – as long as you have backup. If this sounds too complicated to you, then buying travel insurance can save you a lot of work and stress.

Comprehensive travel insurance can help you turn many wrongs to right, without taking a toll on your pre-planned itinerary. In many cases, you need not have done anything wrong for a mishap to take place while traveling, which is why a backup to cover up the wrongs would be an ideal addition to your travel planning. Bharti AXA Schengen Travel Insurance offers lucrative travel insurance policies to the foreign travellers.

Here are a few wrong things that can be fixed simply by having a Bharti AXA Travel Insurance:

1 Leaving valuables behind at home while you are away on vacation

Doing this might prove risky, especially if your neighbourhood is prone to thefts. Bharti AXA travel insurance for Schengen Visa can come handy in this case, as it offers cover for losses and damages caused due to theft or natural calamities. The damages you face would be compensated by the company upon filing a claim.

2 Driving/Personal Accidents while on vacation

Meeting with an accident while you are on a vacation might seem like the worst thing to happen, but even worse could be the ordeal of dealing with all the financial obligations and paperwork simultaneously. In case of such an event, Bharti AXA travel insurance can cover your medical costs and hospitalization expenses, thus taking care of your financial burdens.

3 Losing Passport/Luggage in a foreign country

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, losing a passport or other documents could get frustrating. Bharti AXA Insurance covers the chargesthat you incur for a duplicate passport, up to the eligible sum amount. Similarly, in case of lost or stolen luggage, you can get compensation up to the eligible sum amount with Bharti AXA travel insurance.

Considering all the benefits, traveling with  Bharti AXA travel insurance could be a great way to get protection in case of emergencies while traveling. Even if there is a mishap, the compensation you get during emergencies can be a great way to deal with the sudden financial liabilities.


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