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5 Tourist Attractions to Alabama


If you are planning for your next vacation, you should consider Alabama in the USA to be your next destination. Several tourists travel to the US every month; however, when it comes to visiting Alabama, most of them do not even know that it is a treat for travelers. There are several amazing landmarks and things you can do here. This city is ideal for both young people and old when it comes to things to see, food to eat and activities to do! 

Richard Radcliff Trice – Discover the joys of vacationing in Alabama with your friends and family

Richard Radcliff Trice is an author of children’s books, and he lives in Alabama. He says this city is one you should never miss when you are visiting the USA. He says when you are in Alabama, you should visit-

  1. US Space and Rocket Center- Located in Huntsville, you will find the world’s largest collection of space and rocket memorabilia here. This Center is one of the most primary attractions of Alabama, and if you are fond of space expeditions and astronauts, you can learn a lot of interesting facts here.
  1. Fort Morgan Museum- This is an old building that was constructed in 1819 and has been a subject of several conflicts for a long time. It has been the witness to battle and violence over the years. It is the biggest military base in Alabama for the past two decades. It later was abandoned in 1944 and, since then, has become an amazing museum that you cannot afford to miss when you visit Alabama.
  1. Huntsville Botanical Garden- This is an amazing place where you will find nature at its best. You can find a number of flowers and aquatic gardens here. Many nature trails give you the scope to explore. You can also get a glimpse into several specialist gardens. If you are fond of wildflowers and nature, this is the place you should include in your trip to Alabama.
  1. Alligator Alley- See the alligators in action here. This is a farm dedicated to alligators and allows them to grow in a natural environment. You and your family can take a memorable nature walk here where you can find frogs, owls, turtles, and other amazing animals.
  1. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute- This Institute is a landmark in Alabama dedicated to the development of civil rights in this state. This stellar exhibit is one worth visiting when you are in the state for a vacation.

Richard Radcliff Trice sums up by saying that both people are not aware of Alabama and the treats it offers to a traveler. When you are in the USA, you should visit this amazing city. Besides the above iconic sights, you can find several restaurants and other things to do here. Though Alabama is not very popular like the other cities in the USA when it comes to travel and tourism, it is one place that will never disappoint you once you are here!


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