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Places to Have A Great Safari Experience


Actually, safari means long journey where you by pass in the deep jungles of Africa in between the wild animals like lion or tiger in a safari jeep. Many of them would have safari experiences Africa to share as you need to move through wild animals. It is the most dangerous and thrilling adventure and experience for an individual. Every safari journey has its own specialities.

What are the amazing safaris for the beginners?

  You can find many safari experiences Africa for the first timers. They are like –

Kruger National Park – South Africa:

It is not the taste for every one as this park has tar roads and biggest camps. You can find here cheetah, many herbivorous animals, and wild dogs. The secret here is the variety of habitat and leads to the thick forest of riverine. For the night drive, there is an availability of night rides and camps for your affordable budget.

South Luangwa National Park – Zambia:

This park is referred as destination where you can find professional guides and owners who run the lodges. It is the best sport for the beginners going for a safari experience. It is a hippo choked lagoons and there is a presence of cheetah and rhino. You can view the wildlife in an easy way in your safari jeep. The night drives are also allowed where you can find big cats called leopards while you walk. This offer a thrilling experience into the depth of the forest. For an independent traveller, this is amazing place for an all-rounder safari for your cash.

Okavango private reserves – Botswana:

It is highest budget safari experience to an individual and is an exclusive window which shows best and amazing wild life. Every have their own attraction based on the water places and terrain. There is a presence of black and white rhinos which means that the place is complete one to go on an adventure. You can have the availability of lodges and cost to meet the requirements of this safari. Your cash will get you expert guides, fabulous places and wild life and many more.


On the subject of incredible safari experiences, few places compare to the iconic Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. These destinations often featured in Tanzania Honeymoon Safaris boast some of the densest wildlife concentrations in the world. This is where safari-goers will discover the wild beauty of nature alongside the love of their lives and celebratein unification.

Imfolozi Wilderness Trails – South Africa:

This is a place where you can find white rhinoceros where the concept of wilderness trails has been encourages. You can also find buffalo, elephant, and all other predators. The trails are mostly regarding the insects, birddogs, plants, and insects. Here the basic thing is camping with memorable wilderness.

Queen Elizabeth National Park – Uganda:

This is the amazing area for gorilla trekking and you can find many number of gorilla’s here. The park is pleasant and has plenty of wildlife. You can find lake here which is a pleasing experience to look at with your naked eyes.

Thus, these are some of the best safari places to experience in Africa and enjoy your precious time watching wildlife.


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