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The traveler is always in a dilemma about which place to visit and this confusion is aggravated by India’s multiple and diverse ecosystems and quite numeroushills, coastal and beach locations. Despite their similar forms of natural beauty and the environments surrounding, Andaman and Kerala are often pitted against each other. Even though these union territories and coastal states make a very popular destination for travel, they have a lot of differences that most people don’t even know about. Here’s a God’s own country vs Islands of Andaman that might get you involved.

Andaman is renowned for its and smaller islands nearby and a large stretch of beaches, as compared to Kerala. Andaman tour lets you spend more time on leisure as the Andaman holiday has negligible traveling.

Kerala, recognized as God’s own country, rises up to the fame because of the magnificent spots around, especially the thick luxurious greenery and attractive spots in and around Kerala creates a very mysterious experience in itself. Kerala holidays involves a lot of traveling to explore different shapes and colors of nature.

Climate and Best Time to plan an Andaman Holiday.

The best thing about Andaman and Kerala trip is that you can visit them more or less any time of the year, except perhaps the rainy season.

That’s one of the main reasons Kerala and Andaman receive tourist visits all year round. Weather is almost pleasant year-round without any dramatic variations, and is quite nice and reliable. Therefore, if you come, the sky will be more or less the same, which is not too cold and refreshing.

On the other side, experts suggest that during the winter season you visit Kerala when the temperature is ideal and it has a very pleasant atmosphere. The months from October to April are often regarded as the best. Even, the environment in Kerala isn’t hot so you know you’ll enjoy being there. If you are searching for any sort of ayurvedic treatments, and so on, the best is the months from June to August.

Perfect duration of Andaman and Kerala Holiday:


Both have many sightseeing spots. If you want to make the most of it, it is often considered ideal to stay for a week or 9 days but nobody has that sort of time availability.Andaman holiday package must for at least 6-7 days to get around, which is often good enough for you to witness and explore Islands and Beaches of Andaman. In our experienced opinion we would advise that you plan a stay for 6 /7 days in Kerala, to witness and explore all that Kerala trip to offer.

Kerala Vs Andaman: Average Budget

Kerala or Andaman,to be honest, neither of the two can be arranged with a restricted budget and can be a bit tough on your budget, but believe me, the overall experience in any of the locations can compensate for the amount you spend.


Travel–INR 2000 (to and fro) for railroad lodging–INR 2500 to 3000 a night Accessory expenditure–INR 2000-2500 per day So, in all, you can range about INR 5000-6000 each day which is a handsome decent price with all the indulgences involved. Traveler Can plan a above average quality Kerala tour for less than Rs 10000/- without flight price to Kerala.


Transportation expenses –INR 10000-15000 flight price,Hotel or Resorts –INR 2500-3000 per night Accessory expenditures–INR 3000-3500 per day So, on average, you’re likely to employ around INR 1,2000 and a little extra for your Andaman tour Package, with your regular flight price expenses as well.

Kerala Vs Andaman: Places to Visit

Before anything else, you need to learn some of the best places to visit in both destinations which would make your trip worth the while.

Places to visit In Kerala Before anything else, you need to learn some of the best places to visit in Kerala which would make your journey worth the time. Take a look!

  1. Alleppey

There is no need to say that you must plan a visit to Alleppey, the spot well-known for its backwater’s canals and lakes if you are visiting Kerala. The varied range of stays in Houseboats and nearby pleasant scenery render this a place worthexploring and visiting. Expert travelers also often tend to suggest this as South Venice that is true to its claim. There are also several sightseeing places nearby, that you can discover more.

  1. Kumarakom

If you don’t want to visit a tourist-infiltrated place, Kumarakom is a good choice to look inside. The charmingstylishness of the landscape coupled with the tranquility of lush greenery; you will never want to return from there. Kumarakom has a little of everything, from the backwaters to the gorgeous Kerala exclusive cuisine that is among many a hit or miss. There are several also in terms of sightseeing sites.

  1. Munnar

For those searching for a romantic getaway in Kerala, Munnar is a great place to visit. The hill station is one of this state’s most loved and visited tourist places. Munnar has many beautiful tea plantation spots apart from the thick blanket of greenery andfoliage around. Homestays in Munnar are pretty popular while you’re there, so consider booking a resort and hotels instead.

  1. Kovalam

Kovalam is a place to be in and you should visit and experience the real beauty of coastal life. This area, known for its quirky beaches, is quite a popular spot for family getaways. This is a place you come to chill with the gorgeous sunbathing festivals and the spa and relaxation services nearby. It also has various activities that you can enjoy along the coastline.

Spots to Visit in Andaman

With the Kerala spots hidden, now is the time to look through the famous Andaman places.

  1. Havelock Island

If you are not only going to visit Havelock Island, there’s no point visiting Andaman. This is the best place for water sports lovers because it has snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. This is the place most adventurers venture on to quench their need for some shot of adrenaline. It’s likewise a popular site for photographers.

  1. Cellular National Memorial in Port Blair

Although this place brings back dark pastures and very ghastly stories, it is a must-visit tourist spot in the Andaman Islands. Although it was devastated by the Japanese military back in the WW II era, this spot is now very well-known with tourists.

  1. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

To be frank, this is not a venue for every traveler, but if you’re a buff with education and like to learn about the location and past, this Naval Marine Museum is an incredible place to be while you’re in Andaman. This gives an insight into the deep and detailed information about the island’s history and culture surrounding them. At this museum, you can even see the abundant ecosystem that surrounds it.

  1. North Bay Beach

The North Bay Beach, well-known for its “Octopus Garden,” is yet another popular beach destination in the Andaman group of Islands, worth a visit. You can walk underneath the sea and discover there the wonders of the rich marine life, which is one of the reasons why this place is so famous. There’s a vast array of marine life and coral reefs worth seeing. Even for those who don’t know how to swim, this is handy.

Andaman Vs Kerala: Shopping Opportunities:

Both places are rich in natural beauty. Kerala is largely known for its natural wonders and its retail places don’t triumph but Andaman has several choices for the shopaholics. You are more likely to find shops that sell marine and coastal things, especially in terms of the corals you will find and the natural seashells. Apart from that, you wouldn’t mainly want to spend much on the remaining material.

Kerala Vs Andaman: Getting Around

All Andamanand Kerala provide excellent public conveyance but those are not always the best options for the visitors. If you’re searching for a comfortable experience, we’d say you can hire a Kerala rental car or choose the Andaman cruises. These can be a number in the wallet but it’s worth it all.This is the crucial information you’ll need to learn about both locations for a trouble-free holiday. Whether it’s a fascinating holiday in Kerala or anenthrallingtrip to Andaman, you’ll be able to relish both of them like a pro with all those facets you know.


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