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By now I’m sure you’ve learnt the importance of using an Autoresponder (email marketing platform) for Affiliate Marketing. There are many reasons why an Autoresponder is critical for your Affiliate Marketing Business. Let me re-stress it in case you’ve missed this crucial point. If someone visits your media, whether it be a website, facebook page, youtube channel or other, then clicks on an Affiliate Link to go off to your vendor, they are effectively lost to your Affiliate Marketing Business, possibly for ever. Once they have clicked off your site, they are gone – and may never return. This is especially bad as without doubt you have gone to a lot of effort to get them to your site in the first place, and to have them return will require just as much effort and resources as the first visit. So what’s the answer? Well, you can collect their contact details in the form of an email fairly easily, in order to contact them again for free.

Which auto responder should you use for Affiliate Marketing?

To do this you need to create a lead magnet, which is basically something like an ebook or other offer, which you supply to the potential customer in exchange for their email. Now you have their contact details, you are able to contact them whenever you like – they have now effectively become your customer. You can set up drip email campaigns using your autoresponder tool, and re-engage customers at a time of your choosing. This is very useful especially to bring customers back to your content via links in your emails, or to sell directly. The biggest benefit of collecting an email? It’s effectively free to get your content (in the form of an email) in front of a potential customer. You just need to hit send, and all of a sudden you are in front of as many customers as you have emails for. 

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Getting back to the topic of this article, which autoresponder should you use for affiliate marketing? For mine it boils down to a choice between two fantastic offerings:Getresponse and Aweber. You may ask why these, not Mailchimp or any of the other autoresponder platforms out there? The main reason I suggest either Aweber or Getresponse for your affiliate marketing business is that they are strongly Affiliate Marketing friendly. For example, many other Autoresponders will either not let you put Affiliate Marketing links in emails sent out via their platforms, or alternatively are only partially friendly to email campaigns that include Affiliate Links. 

Both Aweber and Getresponse are friendly to Affiliates, and both have Affiliate Programs of their own. Both have reasonably priced offers available at different price points (see this article here for in-depth information on Getresponse pricing). Both offer unlimited numbers of email sent, email marketing automation (the ability to send emails based on rules you have set on features such as customer interaction, time, sequence depth and so on), oodles of great templates to help you build fantastic looking emails, a wide range of integrations with third party platforms, and great analytics of who opened which email, and clicked on your content. 

Getresponse has some features over and above Aweber, both at the lower level price points and the higher level price points. This includes the awesome and easy to use landing page builder, CRM, Webinar functionality, and Sales Funnels in-built. 

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If you are serious about building your Affiliate Marketing Business then I strongly recommend that you start using an email marketing tool such as Aweber and Getresponse. They are simple to use if you are prepared to invest some of your time and I have no doubt the returns from this time investment will prove more than beneficial for your Affiliate Marketing Business. 


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